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Witch Questions and Answers

  • What mostly describes you?

  • Do you like to get revenge on others?

  • What do you use your magic for?

  • On a dark and stormy night, do you: a) stay inside with a good book or b) frolic in the downpour until your toes and fingers are wrinkled?

  • Do you prefer to live in a house with a large yard and lots of gardens or an apartment in the city?

  • If you came across a stranger who was crying and obviously distressed would you a) offer them a tissue and ask if you can help or b) look away and keep walking?

  • Where does everyone go on Sunday?
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  • Why did people stare at Kit?
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  • The men and women sit together for church
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  • Who comes to see Kit?
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  • How did Kit feel about talking to William?
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  • What does Willaim indtned to build?
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