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Sad Questions and Answers

  • I start feeling low when the evenings get darker, earlier.
    Sad question from

  • I find it harder to focus and stay motivated in the winter.
    Sad question from

  • I find it easy to wake up on a dark morning. 
    Sad question from

  • Why do you think you're so sad?
    Sad question from

  • What has happened or has been happening in your life?
    Sad question from

  • Which of these do you like the most?
    Sad question from

  • Do you live alone?
    Sad question from

  • Do you love going out with friends?
    Sad question from

  • What do you usually do when you are alone?
    Sad question from

  • What is your favorite color?
    Sad question from

  • How many relationships have you been in?
    Sad question from

  • How would you define the perfect man?
    Sad question from

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