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Welcome to America’s Dairyland. This is the home of cheese and the Green Bay Packers. There are many things about Wisconsin though that we have not yet discovered. You can help us in knowing this state much better by answering the questions in our quizzes.

For with each question answered correctly you will be closer to victory. But first have a quick look at these sample questions we have here: What is currently the capital of Wisconsin? What is the name of the biggest city in Wisconsin?

What was the year when Wisconsin ceased to be a territory and became a state? What percentage of Wisconsin’s landmass is covered by forests? If these look like easy questions to you then check out the full Wisconsin quizzes.

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    Group 1: Panfish

How much do you know about Wisconsin?find out with this quiz

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    What "Little House on the Prairie" author was born in Wisconsin?

Even though the U.S. state is ranked 20th in the list of the most populous states, Wisconsin still retains a position in some of the significant parts of the history of the world. The state is divided into counties and was...

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    Which Wisconsin city is known as the "Bratwurst Capital" of the world?

Wisconsin has made contributions to the world's economy. 46% of the state's land area is covered by forest and 17% by water. All of these resources come in handy, especially in the progress of key sectors. Nicknamed the...

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    What is the oldest and most famous state park in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin's geography is diverse. In fact, during the ice age, glaciers had greatly impacted the area. Today, Wisconsin is highly rich in Galena. It's amazing features and geographical properties are contributing factors...

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    What do you actually know about Wisconsin?

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Wisconsin Questions & Answers

Primary game fish in Wisconsin. Indians spear hunted.
1. walleye-non-reservation residents feared that the spear fishing would deplete the states number one game fish population. the response was the creation of anti-treaty rights groups that demonstrated wherever the fishing occurred, costing the state
Someone gets married in Illinois and moves to Wisconsin. On what constitutional grounds is the marriage recognized?
1. full, faith, and credit.-states are required to give full, faith, and credit to papers and legal decisions made in other states. marriage has generally been considered part of the full, faith, and credit provisions. historically some states had