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It’s as big as it gets. In fact, it’s the biggest quiz around. We’re talking about mass, blubber and huge fins. It’s our awesome list of Whale quizzes and the questions are massively entertaining: What size can a humpback whale reach? What’s the gestation period for whales? How do whales feed themselves, considering they’re eating underwater?

Why do they become disoriented and wash up on shores around the world? The world famous (and spooky) “Bloop” sound was attributed to what species of whales? Are you sufficiently trained to take on these huge challenges? If so, push the start button and make a splash. We’ll be on the shore cheering for you and your flair. Free Willy and your inner geek while you’re at it.

Are you a seahorse? A whale? A dolphin or even a litte fish in the sea? click START QUIZ below to find out!

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The Killer whales are often called as Orcinus Orca, is the largest toothed member which belongs to the oceanic dolphin family. These whales are highly social and can be found in the Arctic and Antarctic to...

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    On average, how many killer whales are there in a pod?

In this quiz, you will learn more about Whales.

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    A whale's "forelimbs" are known as what?

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    What is your favorite seson?

Whales are one of the amazing living being on earth. Test your knowledge on whales by playing this general knowledge quiz.

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    Which of the following body parts does the bowhead whale not have?

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Whale Questions & Answers

What are young whales called?
Like cows and camels, baby whales are called calves. The parent whales, like humans, spend a great deal of time nursing their young. Some species such as the humpback whale nurse just a few hours after birth and still nurse for a year or more. Kille
What is the average life expectancy of beluga whales?
It seems that the right answer to this question is not available in the choices. The average life expectancy of Beluga whales is actually 35 to 50 years. This type of whale can usually be seen in the Arctic and nearby sub-arctic areas. All of the Bel
Who gave the Antarctic Minke Whale the name Balaenoptera bonaerensis? 
The antarctic minke whale was given the name balaenoptera bonaerensis by Burmeister in 1867. The Antarctic minke whale or southern minke whale is a species of minke whale within the suborder of baleen whales. It is the second smallest rorqual after t
What is the average length(in feet) of an adul Blue Whale?
The correct answer to this question is B, 80-90 ft. Blue whales are the largest animals and the longest to live on Earth. An adult female blue whale is approximately 82 ft, while an adult male is approximately 79 ft. Weight up to 200 tons, blue whale