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It’s that time of the month when the full moon is once again up in the sky. A wonderful romantic night for some, a nightmare for others. You look at the moon and instantly, you feel a horrible pain in your stomach. You feel like your head is about to explode, you mouth is taking a weird shape, your hands are getting longer, fingers are transforming into claws. The process has already begun and the only cure that works is a correct answer.

Here are a few of the questions featured in the quiz: Where did the trials of supposed werewolves begin in Europe? What was the Ancient Greek and Roman cure for lycanthropy? What does modern-day fiction describe as being the vulnerability of werewolves? Answer all of these and much more by taking our werewolf quizzes!

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  • Have you been feeling yourself lately?

  • Have you been feeling angry nearly all the time?

  • Do you have a strong urge to destroy things when youre angry?

  • silver bullet idea
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  • do you ever feel very violent when your angry and need to hit some thing to get a % of you calm
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  • the full moon transforms you on its own cant stop it
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  • What is your favorite food?
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  • You see a kid walking down the street. He sees you and asks you how to get to the candy store. What do you do?
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  • As your waiting in line to bye a ticket to see the movie youve wanted to see for two weeks, some kids run out screaming until they get to about a yard away from you. They seem to be talking about the ending and you over hear it. The movie seems boring now you know how it ends, what do you do.
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  • Describe how fast your transformation is.

  • Describe how painful your transformation is.

  • When you get angry, do you find it hard to breath?