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Related Topics

  • Why don't tech geeks like Internet Explorer?
    Why don't tech geeks like Internet Explorer?
    Text geeks don’t like internet explorer because of its lack of support and delayed response times. Many say that it is incredibly slow when you compare it to other latest browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. It also lacks support for many online tools which means that many users use it as a test. If it works in internet explorer then it will work in most other browsers. This is how low Tech geeks grade the browser. The f12 option is another problem. It takes too long to open and manage. It requires a lot of patience and when you have a readily available, better option at hand, most geeks simply like to shift to the alternate.

  • Why doesn't China allow to use Google?
    Why doesn't China allow to use Google?
    Google is a controversial tool. One thing is that as it is universally used, many people enter their searches in the engine and in doing so share their private information. The google tool then compiles similar searches and can create statistics and reliable information on what a country is doing, is going through or what is happening at the very moment even before the countries actual government. This is why china implemented measures to exclude google from its soil and started promoting their own search engine called Baidu. This was to prevent foreign eavesdroppers and make sure that the country’s info remained within the country.

  • What does it mean when you say "I am browsing in an incognito mode"?
    What does it mean when you say "I am browsing in an incognito mode"?
    Normally, when you are browsing, the site can see your IP address and trace back to you. However, in the incognito mode, your personal details are protected. This allows you to browse without letting pages know that it is you who is browsing. It helps when you are trying to shield your identity from the site. Moreover, your computer doesn’t keep record of the sites you visit either. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about clearing your history or protecting your personal information. It works for public computers as well so that you can easily access sites without being bothered to clear up after yourself.

  • What should I prefer Morzilla Firefox or Google Chrome?
    What should I prefer Morzilla Firefox or Google Chrome?
    Every user has a different opinion. However, comparing them side by side, Firefox stands out immediately. It has excellent privacy control, a good user interface and regularly updates the browser to keep up with the changing tech world. Chrome on the other hand, falls back where privacy is concerned. Many reviews rated it a 2 out 5 stars on privacy. Mozilla can be considered as an in between browser between the two. The browser gives you a good interface, good privacy and is user friendly. Rating them from the best to worst we would say that Firefox is the best with chrome being the worst.

  • Why does dark web have different browsers?
    Why does dark web have different browsers?
    The dark web is just what its name implies. There are sinister things happening in there. Illegal trades, illegal porn, wrong doings that can pull you in and make you a prisoner. Although there are useful things there too, it is essential that you visit it with protection. By protection, we mean a good security wall to protect your IP and identity. This is why the dark web has different browsers that give users that essential protection they need to stay safe on the dark web. Without them, criminals and the security will be able to find and accuse you of wrongful acts that you may not have committed at all.

  • Why isn't chrome popular on mobile platforms?
    Why isn't chrome popular on mobile platforms?
    Chrome isn’t very popular on mobile platforms because of its limited accessibility. The user interface does not acknowledge mobile systems for instance, playing videos simultaneously during a call. This puts chrome back a notch from other popular browsers such as UC browser and Opera mini. These mobile browsers have worked for their position in the market both with advertisement and quality product. This is why they have set a great bar for other browsers with their vast supporting features and ease of use. You can rest assured that you can operate almost any kind of web page or program with these browsers conveniently.

  • What are the top web browsers of today's era?
    What are the top web browsers of today's era?
    There are a number of names that come to mind when you ask for the top browsers. The foremost browser is Firefox. Its open source coding has allowed it to establish as one of the fastest, most secure and interactive browser today. It is closely followed by chrome and Tor browser. Both of these are also competitive browsers. When you consider mobile devices, Opera mini and UC browser also spring to mind. This is because these browsers are essential parts of the mobile community and have worked to popularize themselves. There are some other browsers at work also, but they are currently being used by a minority which is why we won’t mention them here.

  • How many types of browsers are there?
    How many types of browsers are there?
    As you open your computer to access the internet you see that you are presented with a number of browser options. As with all the other apps on the market, there are a number of browsers that allow you to browse the World Wide Web. Some offer fast speeds, some have optimized interface and others include elaborate gadgets. All of these features make a browser unique. Normally, we tend to stick with browsers that have a long term history of being dependable and have fast browsing speeds. Some of the popular browsers include the internet explorer, Firefox, Netscape chrome and safari. However, with recent development, new names have also surfaced.

  • Is mozilla firefox really an open source software?
    Is mozilla firefox really an open source software?
    Yes, Mozilla Firefox is an open source software. It was initially developed by the Mozilla foundation and also by the Mozilla Corporation. It supports most systems including windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris, BSD and illumos. It is also available for android. Thanks to it being an open source, different communities can contribute to the software, making it an even better interface. This may also be the reason why Firefox has such an extraordinary privacy all and user interface. It builds on a variety of input and is able to update itself with the latest innovative technologies giving users an exceptional experience.

  • Which is the best browser for mobile?
    Which is the best browser for mobile?
    Handheld devices have browsers of their own. With the modernization, however, browsers have become universal between the mobile and the pc. This is because browsers with good reputations have launched their phone compatible versions to give users the ease of browsing the net using their favorite browser hence, some of the best browsers for pone are similar to the browsers for the pc. We start with Firefox which has earned its reputation as a great mobile browser as well. Then we also have the opera mini and the UC browser that are both interactive mobile browsers with great browsing speeds and good privacy control. Of course, chrome is also among the noted names of browsers for mobile.

  • Which popular browsers have gone into obscurity?
    Which popular browsers have gone into obscurity?
    As the internet moved through the years of modernization, certain apps which were kings of the game, became obscure. This is because they failed to adapt the app to the modern user need. One such browser is internet explorer. As the modern tech took over, the browser failed to increase its pace to match that of the others around it. As a result, the internet explorer became slow and outdated. It failed to support some of the common formats that were becoming the norm on the internet. Moreover, it was impossible to code on the browser due to immense lag issues. As a result, people shifted from liking the browser to slowly detesting it and moving on to a new one.

  • Which browser is best for downloading images and songs?
    Which browser is best for downloading images and songs?
    All browsers allow you to download media from the World Wide Web. However, some do it better and faster than others. This makes them the best browser to use for downloading media. It can be difficult to compare the downloading capabilities for different browsers. However, when we compare those using formats and time take, the Mozilla Firefox is the unbeatable king of downloading media off the net. Following closely after is Chrome and then Opera, all of which provide exceptional user experience for downloading media of the World Wide Web. These browsers can work with slow connections, continuing the thin download thread for you to enable the successful downloads rather than stopping midway.

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