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    What is a web browser?

Determine the parts of a browser by its function.

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    This part of a browser offer selection of things you can do with a webpage.

Safari is an application that has gone through a lot of years of development, finding what actually works, with Steve Job always on the loose to make Apple a better product, it developed a very nice and fast internet browser...

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    Who developed Safari?

There are many web browsers on the market. And with the design of sophisticated Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, some browsers seem to fall out of favour. Nevertheless, most Internet users must use a kind of web...

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    What is the name of the browser which has a logo with yellow, red, blue and green design?

The first browser is Nexus and it's used in the 1993, it's a very complicated, slow and undeveloped. It was developed by a developer for a certain software company. The browser has been the starting of recent developed...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 133   |  Last updated: Dec 3, 2018
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    What is the first browser ?


Web Browser Questions & Answers

Why don't tech geeks like Internet Explorer?
Text geeks don’t like internet explorer because of its lack of support and delayed response times. Many say that it is incredibly slow when you compare it to other latest browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. It also lacks support for many onlin
Why doesn't China allow to use Google?
Google is a controversial tool. One thing is that as it is universally used, many people enter their searches in the engine and in doing so share their private information. The google tool then compiles similar searches and can create statistics and
What does it mean when you say "I am browsing in an incognito mode"?
Normally, when you are browsing, the site can see your IP address and trace back to you. However, in the incognito mode, your personal details are protected. This allows you to browse without letting pages know that it is you who is browsing. It help
What is the difference between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome?
Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are two examples of browsers out of many that are available to internet users. Although both work towards helping you have the best of experience when browsing the internet, there are a lot of differences between the
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