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Waves are all around us. Sound waves, light waves, water waves, seismic waves, even waves of the hand, constantly transferring energy from one place to another. So we’ve queued up some quizzes for you about all kinds of waves. Try them all and see how much you know!

What is the scientific study of sound waves called? What’s the main difference between a mechanical wave and an electromagnetic wave? What’s the difference between a transverse and a longitudinal wave? What causes waves on the ocean? How far can an ocean wave travel before reaching land? Why aren’t tsunami waves visible in deep water? How are waves measured? Why causes some water waves to break? How does the medium a sound wave passes through affect the sound? What are the effects of seismic waves? We’ve got plenty of questions for you about waves, so if you are feeling brave, jump right in and take our quizzes!
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    In the animation, what type of wave is shown?

Test over currents, waves, and tides aimed at sixth grade earth science students.

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    The wind blows on the water, passing it's energy to the water. As this energy passes through the water, in what way do the water molecules move?

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    Complete the following statement: According to the de Broglie relation, the wavelength of a "matter" wave is inversely proportional to

In our physics class, we got to dive deeper into the topic of waves, light, and sound. With the scheduled monthly test coming up it is important to ensure you are on your feet when it comes to what we have covered so far. Give it...

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    In this animation, what type of wave is shown?

Physics is the study of matter and its behavior through space and time along with the energy and force. Waves and Sound are part of it and this quiz tests your knowledge on it.

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    A pendulum completes 75 swings in 25 s. What is its period?

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Wave Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Longitudinal and Transverse Wave?
A longitudinal wave is a kind of wave in which the movement of the medium is in the same magnitude and direction with the wave. On the other hand, a transverse wave is a kind of wave in which the movement of the medium is at a right angle to the magn
What does the person transfer to the rope by pulling it up and down at point A?
What the person transfers as he pulls the rope up and down at point A is energy
What happens when frequency of spring wave increases?
The correct answer to this question is C. When the frequency of a spring wave increases, the higher frequency shortens the wavelength, and therefore the length decreases. The velocity refers to the speed of the wave, and the frequency does not affect
What type of wave is shown below?
The type of wave shown in the picture is a transverse wave.
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