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Do you love historical TV series? Are you interested in the epic sagas, battles, and journeys of a lifetime that characters in the old days embarked on? If so, we know that you love the popular new TV show, Vikings, and we have just the trivia to fascinate you and quizzes to test your ultimate knowledge of this series! Bring forth the Norse warrior from within and get ready to raid villages, trade with allies, and charge into battle with our quizzes!

Imagine yourself in medieval Scandinavia and get ready to answer questions such as, “What does Rollo’s tattoo depict and did Vikings from the medieval ages really have tattoos?” and, “Why is the Temple of Uppsala important?” Enjoy and good luck!

Come take the quiz on viking history!

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  • Sample Question
    What were Viking Thralls?

Viking names are still in use today. What name can fits you? The test shows. Let's start!

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    Vikings were seafarers. Only men could be vikings. Imagine you live in Scandinavia. What look do you have?

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    Which English monstrey did the vikings first Attack?

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Vikings Questions & Answers

Who raided over countries in the Vikings?
Women or shield maidens also raided and children as young as 13 would also go.