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Are you a die-heart ‘Game of Thrones’ fan? Do you know everything there is to know about this popular TV show? Take the online Game of Throne quizzes to test yourself and learn fabulous trivia as you play.
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Sexy, clever, and brave. You can reach many goals and make almost all dreams come true. You deserve to be the most powerful house. Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, or Tyrell? What House from Game of Thrones Do You Belong To?

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 10873   |  Last updated: Oct 8, 2020
  • Sample Question
    What phrase seems to depict your attitude to life?

Game Of Thrones is about to end. The final begins and the darkest winter is here. Who sits on the Iron Throne, we shall find out soon enough. This Quiz encompasses questions from each season of the wonderful series. The quiz will...

Questions: 50  |  Attempts: 508   |  Last updated: Apr 24, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Who was Eddard Stark's mentor?

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created for HBO. It is based on George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, "A Song of Ice and Fire." The fantastical series contains strong,...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 4686   |  Last updated: Apr 19, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Who does Jon Snow fall in love with when he infiltrates the wildling army?

Everyone is currently obsessed with the brilliant TV show Game Of Thrones at the moment. If you're a fan, have you ever wondered which character you are most similar to?

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 3754   |  Last updated: Dec 18, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Finally, who is your favourite character?  

The game of thrones is not for the weak. It is for brave knights and warriors. Most ladies fell for Robb and Jon Snow but ever wonder who your GOT soul mate is? Look no further as this quiz is designed to help you know who it...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 530   |  Last updated: Aug 1, 2018
  • Sample Question
    What's your favorite drink?


Game Of Thrones Questions & Answers

Why is Game of Thrones the greatest TV series of all time?
There certainly could be a strong argument and debate for Game of Thrones being crowned as the best television series of all time. One can certainly say for certain that Game of Thrones was the best program during its initial run. The evidence is in
What is actually Game of Thrones about?
Game of Thones is based on the series of novels that were written by author George R.R. Martin. A Game of Thones was the first of the novels that was published in 1996. HBO decided to stay with that name as the title of the television series. Game of
Who plays Daenerys Targaryen?
The correct answer is - Emilia Clarke The actress that played the role of Daenerys Targaryen in the popular TV series, Game of Thrones, is Emilia Clarke. Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clark is an English actress born on October 23, 1986, in London, E
Why is nudity and violence so common in Game of Thrones?
The first time that I ever watched Game of Thrones, I could not believe my eyes. The thing is that when you look at it, the producers of the show make sure that they are able to make the time and scene of what is being portrayed to be as realistic as
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