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Do you know in what state does most of the action in “The Walking Dead” take place? What is Daryl Dixon’s signature weapon in the series? Take The Walking Dead online quizzes and prove your knowledge.
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The Walking Dead is a beloved series and easily the best zombie TV series ever made. It shows how humans would deal with a Zombie Apocalypse if one ever happened. Have you ever wondered what character you would be? Would you be...

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    What role would you most likely be in your survivior group?

Ever wanted to know what character from Season 3 of the Walking Dead game resembles your personality the most? Well if so, find out here.

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    First of all, what type of survivor do you believe you'd be if the Walking Dead was real?

The Walking Dead is a show that follows survivors' lives in a zombie apocalypse and is centered on a former sheriff called Rick as he tries to survive with his kids. How many of the seasons have you watched or books have...

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    What filmmaker was originally the writer, director, and executive producer of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead has grown into a pop culture phenomenon. Millions of fans have tuned in over the course of 6 seasons to follow the gripping zombie apocalypse drama.  We have come up with what we think is the most...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 1174   |  Last updated: Nov 29, 2016
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    True or False?When Rick wakes up in the hospital in Episode 1, you see the words "Stay In, Dead Outside" written on the doors.

Seasons 1 and 2

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    Someone broke into your camp and tried to steal supplies. Your group caught him. What would you do with him?


The Walking Dead Questions & Answers

When do you think The Walking Dead series will end?
Each year, The Walking Dead puts out a series again. It began in 2010 with its first season. Then eight more seasons followed that. Usually, by the time a series has gone through almost ten seasons, it begins to slow down regarding its followers and
What type of genre The Walking Dead series is?
There are many different types of genres in relation to literature and that also apply to television series. There are dramas, comedies, family, documentaries, science fiction and fantasy. In this case, The Walking Dead would be considered to be a sc
What is wrong with the walking dead series?
Keeping up with the pace is often difficult for people who are writing for the show. They sometimes have a difficult time making the show different while at the same time keeping the show’s premise. Some people may get bored after listening and
Who are the creators of the walking dead?
Many times people will think of an idea based on something that happened in their own life or because it was something that they were interested in. Most of the people won’t do anything about it, but there are a select few who have the resource
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