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You’re alone in the woods. Nothing else seems to be there but you can’t see six feet in front of you. The fog is thick. Suddenly you see a shape. It seems to be human. And then another one. What could they be? They’re not human because they’re just mumbling sounds and they are not answering to anything. They must be the walkers again. You have to quickly pull out your weapon and shoot or else you’re done for.

In what state does most of the action in “The Walking Dead” take place? What is Daryl Dixon’s signature weapon in the series? How did Rick Grimes end up in a hospital before the outbreak? Think fast because there isn’t much time. Will you be able to survive wave after wave of walkers?

The Walking Dead is a beloved series and easily the best zombie TV series ever made. It shows how humans would deal with a Zombie Apocalypse if one ever happened. Have you ever wondered what character you would be? Would you be...

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  • Sample Question
    What role would you most likely be in your survivior group?

Think you have what it takes to survive in the zombie apocalypse? Put your decisions to the test in a world that is torn apart by the walking dead. 

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    The walkers are overrunning your position. Before fleeing you have time to grab only one weapon:

Ever wanted to know what character from Season 3 of the Walking Dead game resembles your personality the most? Well if so, find out here.

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    First of all, what type of survivor do you believe you'd be if the Walking Dead was real?

Ever wondered which member of the Walking Dead cast you would be? Take this fun to quiz to find out who you'd become if zombies were to take over the country. 

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    What did you do for a living before the apocalypse began? 

Are you a hard-core fan of the TV series? How much do you remember about the 2 1/2 seasons of "Walking Dead"? Take our quiz to find out.

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    What two characters featured prominently in the TV series did not appeear in the comics version?

The Walking Dead Questions & Answers

Is the following true or false? After the prison is destroyed and the group is divided, they all reunite again at the Terminus "sanctuary".
This is kind of a trick question. Carol, Tyreese and Judith (along with Mika and Lizzie) don't actually go to Terminus, they rescue the rest from it. Also Beth does not go to Terminus as she was abducted by Dawn's police officiers.
What type of genre The Walking Dead series is?
There are many different types of genres in relation to literature and that also apply to television series. There are dramas, comedies, family, documentaries, science fiction and fantasy. In this case, The Walking Dead would be considered to be a sc
When do you think The Walking Dead series will end?
Each year, The Walking Dead puts out a series again. It began in 2010 with its first season. Then eight more seasons followed that. Usually, by the time a series has gone through almost ten seasons, it begins to slow down regarding its followers and
What is wrong with the walking dead series?
Keeping up with the pace is often difficult for people who are writing for the show. They sometimes have a difficult time making the show different while at the same time keeping the show’s premise. Some people may get bored after listening and