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A small town in Virginia where an unsuspecting girl recently moved eventually becomes the scene of one of the most entertaining and successful TV shows. How familiar are you with the love triangle that dominates the Vampire Diaries universe? How well do you know the characters in the show? Our Vampire Diaries quiz is exactly what you need if you seek to find out how proficient you are when it comes to the TV show.

What is the name of the town where most of the show takes place? What is the name of the lead female character's doppelganger? At the end of season three, who does Elena realize she actually loves? All of these and many more are waiting in our Vampire Diaries quiz.

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    How do you feel about vampires? 

The Vampire Diaries introduced us to the brothers Salvatore and their journey and allies ever since they got turned into vampires. These two men were surrounded by a group of strong and independent ladies who at times were their...

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    If you could describe yourself you would say you are....

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    How did you meet your dream guy?

The vampire diaries had a lot of mythical beings visiting mystic fall, some were highly dangerous while others just needed some help. The main characters were the wolves and the vampires where Damon was a fan favorite. If you...

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    How old are you?

The Vampires Dairies is a widely watched movie series that is actually very long. For the VD fanatics, this is the quiz for you. Answer the questions below and find out whom you should be dating in The Vampire Dairies.

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    Your ideal pet is...

The Vampire Diaries Questions & Answers

Where did elena meet damion?
Elena was walking in the road next the woods before her parents picked her up and drove of mystic falls bridgetalking about how Matt was talking about the future and Elena wasn't ready for and Damon saw her and thought she was Katherine cause they lo
Alaric is
The heck this is wrong he's also Elena teacher and isobels ex husband
Why does Klaus kill Katherine's family in season 2?
Because he needed Katherine to break the curse but then Katherine commited suicide thus making her into a vampire which made Klaus angry