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  • What is the difference between turtles and tortoises?
    What is the difference between turtles and tortoises?
    The main difference between tortoises and turtles is actually where they live. Turtles live mainly in the water, dwelling on land only some of the time. Tortoises live mainly on land, usually staying away from deep water because they cannot swim, and every animal needs to find some sort of drinking water - a river, a stream, a lake, etc. This is a meaningful difference in their habits, because if someone puts a tortoise in water deep enough they’d have to swim, they’re basically letting it drown. A turtle, on the other hand, can swim, so it can easily be taken into the water if one fears they are in danger on land. That said, it is best never to move a turtle or tortoise away from the path it is already taking.

  • How can turtles breathe?
    How can turtles breathe?
    Turtles are very unique in the way that they take in oxygen. Some turtles take in oxygen into their lungs similar to other animals, but some turtles take in oxygen through their anal cavities. They draw in the water and extract the oxygen from the water. Obviously, these are the water turtles who breathe this way. Instead of going to the surface, these water turtles will take water in through their butts. This may be done to allow the turtle to remain safely underwater without having to expose their hiding place under water to predators on shore. Breathing underwater has allowed the turtle to continue to hunt for food underwater while still being able to breathe through their rear ends.

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