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The god of thunder is here and he’s got serious problems he wants you to solve. No, it’s not about Loki and no there are no issues with the ice giants. And no, he hasn’t been exiled from Asgard. The God of Thunder wishes you to answer a couple of questions on his behalf. Will you be able to summon up all the courage and the knowledge you possess in order to go through this?

He’s brought you some samples to help you out: What is the name of Thor’s weapon? What type of weapon does Thor use? What is the name of Thor’s father? Loki, Thor’s brother, is foretold to fight which god during Ragnarok? What god keeps an eye out for the beginning of Ragnarok? Answer all of them and fear not for the god of thunder is with you.

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Thor Questions and Answers

  • The popular American Superhero film based on Marvel Comics, Thor Ragnarok, was  produced by which company

  • Distributed for public viewing pleasure by the Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures, the film was directed by

  • The film was produced by Kevin Feige and the sound track by

  • Which job would you do?

  • Would you risk your life for others?

  • What tool would you use to protect yourself in a dangerous situation?

  • A person falls as a theif steals their bag and runs away, the person has badly bruised their knee and needs urgent help but the theif is running away.

  • A person is being bullied badly in your school, they are not standing up for themselves.

  • Your friend is talking to you about how they hate their parents.