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If you would check Chris Hemsworth, you will realize that he is everywhere. He had performed in a lot of movies right now although there are a lot of people who first became familiar with him when he acted in an Australian TV series called Home and Away. Right now, he is popularly known as Thor, and a lot of children look up to him much. The fact that he has appeared in a lot of films recently says a lot about his appeal to the general public and the type of work that he delivers.

He is considered to be the most popular out of the three Hemsworth brothers. They are all actors. If you want to know more about Chris Hemsworth or you want to test how much you have learned about him ever since you became interested in him, you can check the various quizzes that can be seen online.

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    Chris was born in which country?

He is described as one of the world's most beautiful person. With his height and blue eyes, it's easy to sometimes wonder if he is not actually the reincarnation of an ancient Nordic God. As remarkable as is acting is, what do...

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    Where was he born?

You might already know Chris Hemsworth because he has starred in a lot of memorable movies but do you know how many films he has starred in? Would you be able to recognize the film he starred in or the name of one of his...

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    What is his most famous rile in cinema to date?

Chris Hemsworth seems like a very focused person when it comes to his personal life because he has never made headlines over some sort of scandal. All we know is that he is married, has 3 children and that he lives between...

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    How old is Chris in 2019?

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who came to prominence after successfully playing the role of an ancient Germanic god on the big screen. He has soon starred in many of the avenger's franchise installment and is...

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    When was he born?

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