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A comprehensive database of iron man quizzes online, test your knowledge with iron man quiz questions. Our online iron man trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top iron man quizzes.

Tony Stark is the man with the iron suit. Marvel’s genius engineer has been flying high for decades. Let your knowledge of Mr.Stark soar into space with our Iron man quizzes. Reach Extremis levels with questions like: “What type of things does the Iron Monger do to hurt Tony Stark?” “Can Iron Man negate the effects of magnetism?”, “Who is War Machine and what is his relationship to Stark?”, “What causes Tony Stark to develop a drinking problem?”, and “What age did Stark graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology?”

It does not matter if you’ve seen the movies, watched cartoons, or read the comics, since your wisdom will not be wasted with our Iron man quizzes. So come through and show your master of machines as soon as you can.

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Iron Man Questions and Answers

  • What do you think is the best weapon in battle? 

  • What do you think is worth fighting for?

  • Choose:

  • When there is danger, what do you do?
    Iron man question from

  • How do you relax?
    Iron man question from

  • If you could be described in one word, what would it be?
    Iron man question from

  • In 1978, the "Iron Man" story "Demon In A Bottle" established Tony Starks difficulties with what?
    Iron man question from

  • In the story "Iron Man", where is Stark Enteprises headquartered?
    Iron man question from

  • In "Iron Man", whose frozen form do the Avengers discover, revive, and invite to join the team?
    Iron man question from

  • What is the source of Iron Mans powers?
    Iron man question from

  • What is Iron Mans true identity?
    Iron man question from

  • What group of super-heros was founded by Iron Man?
    Iron man question from

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