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Have you ever wanted to explore the intricacies of many religions? Theology is the study of religions and divinity, examining several different religions, their histories, and traditions. Some topologists study to learn more about their own religion, while others use it to challenge long-held religious ideas.
Do you know what theology translates to in Latin? It means "reasoning or discussion concerning the Deity". It studies the concepts of God across different religions, sacred texts, similarities and differences among religions, in a historical context. Do you know who the main theologist of Christianity was? He was Augustine of Hippo, now known as Saint Augustine. Even if you know a lot about many religions or just a little about one, our theology quizzes are a great way for testing and expanding your knowledge. Take one now to learn more about theology! 
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Christianity is one of the biggest religions in the world with billions of people believing in Jesus. If one wants to learn more about their faith the best way to do so is take up theology as a course. The quiz below is...

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      Eph. 1:11 ...[W]ho [God] worketh all things after the counsel of His will. Q.  If God works all things after the counsel of His will, how much does He work to the will of you, me, Satan, etc.?

For those of you who love all things theology , church-related matters and how they affect day-to-day life, this is the quiz for you. If you are prepared to test your knowledge try it out.

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    The Books of Joshua and Judges tell stories about...

Quiz to practice Matching Systematic Theology Vocabulary.

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    T.H. Huxley, 1969. Does not know if there is a God. Convinced that it is impossible to know one way or another. True Knowledge IMPOSSIBLE for all matters beyond reach of senses and experience.

Theology trivia: ultimate MCQ exam quiz. Christianity is a religion based on belief in God and Jesus but this does not mean that every Christian worships the same or has the same beliefs when it comes to the bible. In this quiz...

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    Act or decree whereby God predestines some for salvation.

Answer the questions using your knowledge from your assigned questions from the chapter

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     In connecting truth and experience


Theology Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Feminism and Womanism?
Feminism and womanism are presumed to be the same by many, but this is not the case. Feminism and womanism are not the same as they are two different terms with different meanings. Feminism refers to the state of being feminine. It is a social theory
What is theology?
Theology is a crucial discipline dealing with the divine or god/gods. It is an educational self-discipline, usually within colleges, seminaries, as well as colleges associated with divinity. More to the point, Theology may be the crucial research fro
What are the different types of theology?
Understanding of Lord is produced mainly through character. Organic theology locations great increased exposure to cause as well as the viewpoint. Knowledge of Lord that is provided primarily in the Holy Bible. The actual framework is frequently orga