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The hunger games books were turned into awesome movies, a fan favorite being Mocking Jay. Just how much do you remember about catniss and her struggles to see a world where death is not seen as a sport? Take up this quiz and...

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  • Sample Question
    Who is Prim's sister?

Totally addicted to Hunger Games series? Want to know which one of its characters fits your personality? Take this quiz to see which Hunger Games: Catching Fire character you are!

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  • Sample Question
    What best describes your personality?

The Hunger Games movies and books showed us a world, which we do not wish to live in. Katniss showed us just how far will power could take you even when faced with hard times. Do you consider yourself a big fan? The quiz below is...

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  • Sample Question
    How old do you have to be to enter the drawing for the hunger games?

The Hunger Games Questions & Answers

Finnick dies?
He dies in MockingJay Part 2 (Or MockingJay). He dies from capitol mutts when Katniss and her team is attempting to kill President Snow. Many people die from these mutts including the Avox who was guiding them through the train tunnels.
What do you do? You somehow find yourself in the forest, at the end of the valley. You need water and food. However, several miles back, you saw a river. Two small tents were pitched there.
If we followed the animals and if we reached the water source not only would we have water but also food. If not then at least we have food and we know where a water source is.
What does Panem have?
It basically has 13 districts if you count District 13 that was "Destroyed" by Panem. But in Mockingjay it was proven that it wasn't completely destroyed, so they're 13 Distrits after all :3
Are you using a book to answer these questions?
The answer is Yes because "yes I am not using my book" is how you would say it. Saying no is a double negative meaning "yes I am using my book." :)