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    How many stars are on the Syrian flag?

A quiz a made for a class project on the Middle East country Syria.

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    How many natural lakes are there in Syria?


Syria Questions & Answers

What's the capital of Syria?
The correct answer is Damascus Damascus is the capital of Syria. It is the largest city in Syria. It has an area of 105 square kilometers. This large city is home to over 1.7 million people. Syria is located in the western part of Asia and is boarded
Why are US and Russia so interested in Syria?
Two huge and powerful nations, Russia and the US, do have interest in what happens in Sytia. Part of this is pride: they have each invested hugely in military involvement. It would be tremenedously to their credit internationally if they could legiti
What happens to Syria now?
IN the future of Syria, the state occupation of the main part of Syria will surely vie against the Kurdish on-state occupation now the battle against Islamic State draws to a close. The US, allies of the Turkish Kurds is withdrawing from financial co
Why did the U.S. interfere in Syrian matters?
The answer to why the US, to President Trump's personal regret, became involved in the Syrian war has two areas to consider. Firstly strategic and economic importance, and secondly pride and power. Syria has rich resources that the rest of the world
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