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Related Topics

  • Why are US and Russia so interested in Syria?
    Why are US and Russia so interested in Syria?
    Two huge and powerful nations, Russia and the US, do have interest in what happens in Sytia. Part of this is pride: they have each invested hugely in military involvement. It would be tremenedously to their credit internationally if they could legitimately claim their intervention brought the war to an end. This would be difficult because of the number of factions within Syria and the number of countries outside that are involved. Both Russia and the US recognise that massive destruction that would accompany a direct conflict. The other aspect is access to Syria's natural resources. Both countries have interest in the oil-rich region the US controls in northern and eastern Syria. Russia supports President Bashar al-Assad who plans to seize the wheat and oil fields.

  • What happens to Syria now?
    What happens to Syria now?
    IN the future of Syria, the state occupation of the main part of Syria will surely vie against the Kurdish on-state occupation now the battle against Islamic State draws to a close. The US, allies of the Turkish Kurds is withdrawing from financial costs of the war. The problem is that as military operations become less, the diplomatic effort becomes now and increasingly important. The outcome depends upon wise and skilful diplomats in and outside of Syria. It is debatable whether President Trump will facilitate his best negotiators to work with others for the benefit of syria and the peace of the world. Other Middle Eastern countries will want involvement and could be a help or a hindrance. Many fear the latter. Syria is likely to remain a painful hotspot of conflict .

  • Why did the U.S. interfere in Syrian matters?
    Why did the U.S. interfere in Syrian matters?
    The answer to why the US, to President Trump's personal regret, became involved in the Syrian war has two areas to consider. Firstly strategic and economic importance, and secondly pride and power. Syria has rich resources that the rest of the world wants access to. It has neighbours and allies that could represent a threat. President Assad allowed Isis to gain a hold in Syria and recruit followers and train and encourage terrorists to attack western nations. The US naturally wanted to curb if not eradicate this. Further, Russia wanted to display its power to the world and claim that it had ended the war. It backed Assad to do this. The US would have wanted to be the powerful nation that claimed how it had ended the war.

  • What started the Syrian confllict?
    What started the Syrian confllict?
    A civil war started what became the Syrian war as we have known it the past seven years. The origin was in fact a peaceful demonstration. The ordinary people were discontent for good reasons: their quality of life, income, availability of goods, freedom of speech was all negatively affected by the new regime. They gathered together to protest but Assad reacted with undue force. Many were killed. Other groups with sinister intention used that situation to infiltrate, create division between different Muslim elements, ISIS was able to gain footfall and were allowed to by Assad as then dissident groups were muddled and it became too difficult for outside countries to know who was responsible for the worst violence. Nevertheless, outside countries joined in the conflict and it worsened.

  • Why are U.S. and Russia even involved in Syria?
    Why are U.S. and Russia even involved in Syria?
    The United States aims to defeat Isis and other terrorist groups in Syria. The United States and Russia work side by side to defeat the Islamic State in Syria. If they are successful, they could push their respective Syrian allies into negotiations toward a multi-ethnic, multi-sectarian, unified Syria. Each side's positions are flexible enough to come to a compromise. The United States also wants to defeat or at least weaken other Islamist extremists among the anti-Assad rebels, as do the Russians. US and Russia want Syria to remain one unified country rather than being broken up into sectarian bits. Both the United States and Russia want Assad to go. They believe Syria will not have peace as long as Assad remains in power.

  • Are all of Syria's historical monuments been destroyed?
    Are all of Syria's historical monuments been destroyed?
    Satellite imagery shows that at least 290 cultural monuments have been destroyed or damaged since the outbreak of war in 2011. Syria is known for its archaeological monuments that possess a rich and unique history. The Roman architectural remains in the desert oasis of Palmyra and towering crusader castle called the Crac des Chevaliers near the Mediterranean Coast have been destroyed. Classical period site Dura Europos in eastern Syria, which was established in the third century BC and possesses one of the world's earliest churches, is one of the dozens of sites now covered in looters pits. Essential structures within the famous palace of Zimri-Lim have been ruined. The cultural heritage of Syria is being pillaged at an ever-accelerating rate.

  • Is the intervention of U.S., U.K. and Russia responsible for disturbances in Syria?
    Is the intervention of U.S., U.K. and Russia responsible for disturbances in Syria?
    The war in Syria began because the Assad regime could not tolerate a peaceful demonstration which in a solidly democratic nation would have run its course, ended quietly and, hopefully, its complaints taken seriously by the government. Many Syrians were complaining about high unemployment, corruption and a lack of political freedom. the government used deadly force to crush the dissent. Violence rapidly escalated and the country descended into civil war. Many groups and countries found it useful to intervene because of their own agendas. Some fostered hatred between Syria's Sunni Muslim majority against the president's Shia Alawite sect. Jihadist sects were allowed to flourish. Russia and IRan have supported President Assad so that he has almost regained control. The US, UK, France and other Western countries have supported what they consider "moderate" rebels. Who is to say what would have happened if no outside country had become involved. Russia is now wanting a separate political negotiating process from that recommended by the UN.

  • How did ISIS get involved with Syria?
    How did ISIS get involved with Syria?
    Isis wanted a strong base from which to develop and multiply its influence. A war-torn country with established discord between different religious groups and with many Muslims provided an excellent opportunity. The civil war diverted attention from the activities ISIS was carrying out. Then Assad used ISIS and Al-Quaeda to undermine government opposition groups and to seize territory. Assad is responsible for the power ISIS weilded. Their existence made Assad's irreversible victory in the country's 8-year civil war possible. Having allowed distinctions between ISIS and other terrorist groups to blur, Syrian Arab Republic under Assad was promoted internationally to represent legitimate government, while any dissenting group was lumped with ISIL and al-Qaeda as dangerous terrorists. Western nations have now accepted Assad as the lesser of two evils.

  • Are the world's 3 strongest countries being run by trigger-happy idiots?
    Are the world's 3 strongest countries being run by trigger-happy idiots?
    The top three countries in the world are considered to be the United States, Russia and China. Since this is based on a person’s opinion, there is criteria to determine the strongest countries. This criteria includes the population, GDP per capita and the number in their military. The United States’ leader is Donald Trump, Russia’s leader is Putin and China’s leader is Qi Jinping. All of these leaders have made plenty of mistakes. Some decisions have been idiotic, but overall I don’t think that they are idiots because I know that being the leader of their country is difficult and I couldn’t do it. However, that is not to say that they haven’t done their share of mistakes. It would be nice if they admitt their mistakes.

  • How likely is it that Assad will surrender?
    How likely is it that Assad will surrender?
    Bashar Hafez al-Assad is the leader of Syria currently. He became the president of Syria in 2000 so he has been the president for quite a while. Asaad is known for being involved in a civil war where he has attacked his own citizens which includes children by spraying poisonous gas. Other countries including the United States have tried to come to the air of the innocent Syrian people. Since Asaad has been in office since 2000, it is unlikely that Asaad will either surrender or step down on his own. It would take a war from other countries in order to do that. Therefore, I don’t believe there is anything that will make Asaad step down on his own.

  • Is the war in Syria over?
    Is the war in Syria over?
    In December 2016, Syrian rebels started to evacuate the city and were forced into a surrender that was seen as a significant turning point in the war. Opposition fighters who did not lay down their weapons were evacuated with their families. The transfer of rebel fighters was partially overseen by Turkey, which staged its limited intervention to carry the fractured army. Moscow has made headway in recent weeks with the US main Syria partner, the Kurds, who have begun talks with the Syrian government in hopes of realizing some degree of self-rule in the North. Russia also recently negotiated to sell an advanced weapons system to Saudi Arabia. Over the course of the war, many peace initiatives have been launched, but fighting continues.

  • Did U.S. invade Syria for its oil fields or for its liberation?
    Did U.S. invade Syria for its oil fields or for its liberation?
    If the US were concerned about spreading Democracy in the Middle East, we would be helping to oust Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, and protesting his violent suppression of human rights, rather than aiding the Free Syrian Army. The oil-centric US government wants to be involved in Syria's outcome. The US wants to get involved in Syria to monopolize its oil assets. Sharing in Syrian oil profits would be part of quid pro quo that the US demands in exchange for helping the Syrian rebels win. The Syrian Army now has control of the oil fields near Deir Ez-Zor, and Kurdish groups have taken control of other oil fields in the region. Many of the horrible things that Assad's government committed against unmarried women and children were in Homs, which is near one of the countries only two oil refineries

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