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For English 1A students, all assignments are due at the beginning of class. However, if a student is absent due to an unforeseeable circumstance and an assignment is due what can a student do to...
Submit their assignment by 3pm on the due dateF you answered d, you didnt read the syllabus carefully! The correct answer is b. Students can get an extension when they notify me, but I will not accept any late assignments one week old.
The Missourians mission is comprised of four key strategies. What are they?
1. immediacy, enterprise, community knowledge and conversation-from the missourian mission:we believe we can best serve citizens and our profession by relentless execution of four strategies. they are: immediacy: we will report and deliver news as it
According to the conflicts-of-interest policy:
1. a and d-the advent of social media introduces a world of complications as we increasingly share aspects of our personal lives online.political viewpoints should not be apparent through students or staffers public profiles on social networking webs
The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications requires that all students graduate with these core competencies EXCEPT:
1. understand and recite the acronym for the accrediting council -the accrediting council on education in journalism and mass communications requires that all graduates should be aware of certain core values and competencies and be able to: understan