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Survival Questions & Answers

Which keeps you warmer when the temperature drops?
Multiple Layers of loose fitting, light weight, warm clothingANSWER: MULTIPLE LAYERS OF LOOSE FITTING, LIGHT WEIGHT, WARM CLOTHING Multiple layers are the way to go. Why? Each layer (should be at least three) provides a different function. 1st
Are you scared of Slenderman?
I accendently pressed yes it should have a " ok" sign
To signal the need for medical assistance from the ground to an airborne vessel use X
Now let look at this from a theoretical stand point, like, imagine you got a bad case of the johns and mel gibson was your director and he gives you this look, wyd?
Which item would be most useful? You have solved the water problem but you are now very hungry. 
A walletANSWER A WALLET If your wallet is leather. Leather isnt much different than jerky. Take a bite and enjoy.