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  •  In which year was the word chocolate first recorded in English?
    Sunday question from

  • How many times round Britain would all the chocolate buttons sold in a year in the UK go?
    Sunday question from

  • What percentage of annual chocolate sales in the UK do Easter eggs account for?
    Sunday question from

  • What was Dar Al-Arqam? 
    Sunday question from

  • Which of the companions were severely tortured by mushrikeen?
    Sunday question from

  • Which of the companions were severely tortured by their own family?
    Sunday question from

  • How many kings did Joshua win? Hint: King of Jericho is one among them.

  • Who is referred as Father of Faith?

  • Solomon succeeded Saul as King of Israel

  • Which is the worlds biggest Gold consuming country?
    Sunday question from

  • Air Indias accumulated losses since March-09 is?
    Sunday question from

  • Wockhardt Hospitals has agreed to sell 10 of its hospitals for Rs 909 crore to?(The biggest healthcare deal in the country)
    Sunday question from

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