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"Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!" Oh no...not THAT song again! Why is Friday so amazing? What's the significance? Well, for some it might be that you get to leave work early, for others, it might mean sports day, or sewing lessons. Either way, what it signifies is the end of the week, and the beginning of the weekend!

But how much do you know about Fridays? Why is Friday the 13th the most dangerous day to be out on the roads? Where did the name originate from? Was it Greek, Norse or Roman? What's so special about the movie "Friday"? Think you can answer those questions? Maybe it's your way of relaxing? Everyone likes to relax on Fridays, right? Well what about DJ's and waiters? Which day is their Friday? Does Friday have to be the 5th day of the week? If you can answer any of these "end-of-week" questions, why aren't you? Go ahead, I dare you!

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    _______________________Wood nymph; woodland fairy

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    On the 24th April, a statue was unveiled in Parliament square commemorating the life of a person who fought for women's rights to vote during the early 20th Century and is seen as one of the most influential feminists of the past 100 years. Who are they?

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    Since the late 1980s what is the newest Smartie colour ?

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    What is the current National Living Wage?

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     A candle behind barbed wire is the logo of which charity?

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Friday Questions & Answers

What is the VAT rate on the supply of water to a residential address?
0%Domestic supplies of water are zero rated for VAT purposes, and this includes supplies to carehomes and other residential institutions. Watch out though, its standard rated when supplied to a business, so the water in the Bradford office is subject
What would Anchor "opt to tax"?
PropertyThe default position is that income from property is exempt from VAT, so rent and sales of properties are not subject to VAT. However, a business can opt to tax a commercial property, so that when they charge rent or sell the building they mu