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How is P related to T here? P is Q's brother. R is Q's mother. S is R's father. T is S's mother.
The answer to this one is that the two are three generations apart, P is the great-grandson of T. It is not as difficult as it seems because if you list them as names rather than letters, it no longer sounds like an algebraic problem. The individuals
What is the total mark aimed by Ram? Ram aims to score an average of 80 marks in quarterly and half yearly exams. But his average in quarterly is 3 marks less than his target and that in half...
Avg marks aimed byram in quaterly and halfyearly was 80 but he got 3 less in quaterly and 2 more in halfyearly ,so new avg is 77 and 82 respectively given difference between marks obtained as 25 we avg=sum/no here number means total number of exa
Where is the position of Roy's house in relation to Babu's? Babu is Rahim's neighbor and his house is 200 meters away in the North West direction. Joseph is Rahim's neighbor and his house is...
The correct answer to this question is A, South east. This question can best be solved by writing or drawing out each of the directions. Then, comparing the drawing to that of a compass (a device to identify direction), the answer reveals itself as s
Which colour is opposite to yellow?
Complementary colors can make some striking optical impacts. The shadow of a protest seems to contain a portion of the complementary color of the question. For instance, the shadow of a red apple will seem to contain a little blue-green. This impact