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“Spouse” is the term we usually use for a marital partner, although the definition is widening these days to include people in a domestic partnership or common-law marriage, and of course couples who are in the relatively new phenomenon of same-sex marriage.

Our Spouse Quiz is all about marriage and relationships, and about the many ways that people have created partnerships to share their lives and raise families. Do you know how many women marry the first man they fall in love with? Or how many men? Why do people throw rice or confetti at weddings? And where do we get the custom of couples kissing at the end of their marriage ceremony? You can find out the answers to these and many other questions by taking our Spouse Quiz. Good luck!

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  • Its your spouses job to do the laundry, but you notice it piling up. Do you:

  • The big football game is on TV tomorrow and your spouse is a huge fan. Do you:

  • Your spouse has informed you that even though they like your cooking, theyd rather do the cooking because you only know how to make about three dishes. Do you:

  • How often fo you get into arguements or fights with your spouse?
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  • How often does your spouse request to hang out?
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  • How often does your spouse call you?
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  • Who does the dishes in your home?

  • You go to take a bath or shower and notice there are no towels on the shelf in the closet.  What do you do?

  • Speaking of that bath or shower, how often do you take one?

  • what kind of man would you ask for?

  • what would he look like?

  • what would you love the most about him?