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Slovakia might be one of the smaller states on the European continent but from the economic point of view it is one of the most developed. Its history as an independent state is not that vast, yet they have managed to achieve many great things. They are today one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. The future looks bright for Slovakia and we want you to find out everything about this country.

Are you ready for another one of our quizzes? What is the approximate population of Slovakia? What is the name of the capital of Slovakia? What is the name of the river that flows through the capital of Slovakia? Answer these and more questions and become an expert on Slovakia.

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    Which of these is a Slovak national food?

Slovakia, the Heart of Europe, has 18 towns with collections of landmark treasures of unique, middle-age architecture, 72 national cultural sights, 10 museums of folk architecture - open-air museums with the most typical folk...

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    The capital of Slovakia is:    

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    Approximately how much is 1G?