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When is a simile not a simile? A simile might be like a metaphor, but a metaphor isn't a simile. Can you tell the difference? For example, in the following sentences, which is a simile and which isn't? "He wolfed down his food" and "He was hungry like a wolf". Do you know the difference? If you get an answer right, will you smile like a happy clown?

Do you look at your quizzes like a bear looking at his berries? Are you as ready for answering our quizzes like a runner on the starting line? Is your mind alive like the birds on a spring morning? If you know your English, your work terms and are ready to show us that you're intelligent like Shakespeare, then I think it's time for you to get going with our quizzes on similes. Have fun!
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    The Statue of Liberty was much larger than I expected.

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    The dragon flew as fast as the ______________.

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    Jenny cooked them candy for too long.  When she took it out of the oven it was hard as a rock.

Test your English skill by taking this similes quiz. How good is your English? Take this quiz to find out! 

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    As  ?    as a    cucumber

Simile Questions & Answers

What type of figure of speech is present here? The child looked around as his class galloped about the room, but he couldnt spot her.
This is an example of personification. Certainly, the subject to this statement is the child's class (or glass) that "galloped." Assuming that class meant glass, this is personification.
What is it? The Pacific is a bulging eyeball of water.
Metaphor...obviously. This is because it is comparing two objects (not anything nature) and does not use the word like or as.
When can we use simile instead of Metaphor?
Simile is used when the author wants to simply make a comparison. They use like or as to do this. “Red as a rose” is often used to describe a woman’s lips, while “strong as an ox” is a good quality for a prince to have.