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Girls all over the world melted when Edward Cullen declared his love for Bella in “Twilight”. With his good looks and surprisingly good acting abilities, he helped make the Twilight trilogy into a series of smash hit movies. Even before Twilight, however, he lit up the big screen in the Harry Potter series as Harry’s friend and rival Cedric Diggory.
Did you know that he has also produced some films? The first film he produced was “2010’s Remember Me.” On the Twilight soundtrack, did you know that he sang the song “Let Me Sign” and that he both sang and co-wrote the song “Never Think” If these facts are all familiar to you, then you should try some of our celebrity quizzes to see if you are truly a superfan!


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    Where was Robert born?

This quiz is about girls who want to know if they are right for Robbert Patterson.They will see if they are Bella,Roslie,or Victoria.Bella-love Roslie-half and half Victoria-FULL of HATRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good...

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    How would you wake him up?

A quiz about how well you know Robert Pattinson. Robert Pattinson is the guy who plays Edward Cullen in Twilight, so that might tell you who he actually is. He is also Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. But it's a quiz on Robert...

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    What year was Robert born in?

Take this quiz and see how much you know Robert Pattinon (Edward Cullen) from Twilight!

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    Robert ________ Pattinson. What's his middle name?

Robert Pattinson has several awards to his credit. He. He started out his career at a young age. He is witty and fun to be with. How well do you know him? Take our quiz to prove your knowledge of him.

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    When was Robert Pattinson's date of birth?

Robert Pattinson Questions & Answers

What is Roberts middle name?
RobertDouglas, ThomasPattinson. The bold is his middle Names
Robert has a budding music career alongside his acting, but what is the stage name he uses?
Does pattison even do music anymore other than willow in high life?
Roberts middle name is
Look it up pep's it is Douglas Thomas so dont tell me i am wrong