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So you think you know the sizzling salsa facts on Marc Anthony? No, we’re not talking about the ancient Egyptian dude who married Cleopatra – this is not a history lesson. We’re talking about the award winning musician and producer who's earned worldwide fame for his music. So what do you know about this crossover Latin artist – Tell me baby girl ‘cause I need to know.

Maybe you saw this salsa king in Man on Fire, you know him as the ex-hubby of Jenny from the Block or you shake your hips to Vivir Mi Vida. This soulful songwriter and singer has topped the Latin charts and made waves in pop culture, so how much do you really know about Marc Anthony? Dímelo.

Are you a fan of Marc Anthony? Did you know that he married the famous singer Jennifer Lopez 4 days after his divorce to another woman was finalized? See how much you know about him and learn even more. Enjoy!

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    In what year did Marc Anthony star in the Broadway musical "The Capeman"?

Marc Anthony is one of America's finest singers printing his name in the hall of fame books. He is also know for his subtle acting and his marriage to celebrity Jennifer Lopez. What else do you know him for?

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    What is Anthony's family name?

Marc Anthony was born on September 16, 1968 in New York City, New York. He has been married to Shannon de Lima since November 11, 2014.  How deep do you dig into his lyrics?

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    In which year was Marc Anthony born?

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