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Which character thought they had the highest score in the Detectives Exam?
Season 2 episode 11.Juliet:Lassiter is just being a child about his detective exam score!Shawn:Wait, the D.E.T? I took that when I was fifteen. I got 100.Carlton:I'm sorry... you said you got a perfect score?Shawn:Yeah.
Is the following true or false? The Somatic Nervous system can be further broken down into the Sympathetic Nervous system and the Para-sympathetic nervous system.
The somatic nervous system is a portion of the peripheral nervous system associated with skeletal muscle voluntary control of body movements. This system controls all five senses. The parasympathetic nervous system directs homeostasis and the body's
What is the Super Sniffer?
Gus also has a nose. Which is really what they refer to, not his accute sense of smell, which holds the ability to smell things extremely well. Therefore, the (more correct) answer, is really a device used to determine smells.