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Are you ready to leap into the vastness and mystery of the human mind with our Psyche (Psychology) trivia quizzes? Do you recall what this peculiar word means? Do ID, ego and super ego ring a bell? What did Aristotle know about the psyche? Take these quizzes to step into the world of psychology, the study of consciousness and unconsciousness. Learn how this ancient science has come from helping supernatural souls to treating mental disorders.

Go ahead and revel in them all that are packed with information about borderline supernatural human psyche. Test your knowledge on psyche and trust your intuition. Challenge yourself to find out about the study of the part we call ‘soul’ and to learn about those ancient wise men and women who initially began to study this abstract concept.
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Psych follows Shawn Spencer who solves crimes with powers of observation so acute that Santa Barbara PD detectives think he's psychic. A quiz for true fans of the great TV show Psych! The quiz covers general questions and...

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    Which type of food appears in many episodes of Psych?

It's a simple quiz to see who you will be.. Don't be offended in you end being Lassiter!! It's just for fun!!

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    Are you male or female?

Its tight. you will love it.  its amazing. it is raw.  oh, this is the start of something new, dont you agree?

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    What brain structure deals with vital functions such as breathing and heart rate

My personal study guide for my psych quiz

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    Jeniel is a very active, uninhibited little girl. Her parents provide her with a stimulating environment and allow her to run and explore whenever they can. This illustrates:


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    The nurse is talking with a mother to assess her child. A positive response to which question would indicate the child is in the anal stage of psychosexual development as described by Freud?  

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Is the following true or false? The Somatic Nervous system can be further broken down into the Sympathetic Nervous system and the Para-sympathetic nervous system.
The somatic nervous system is a portion of the peripheral nervous system associated with skeletal muscle voluntary control of body movements. This system controls all five senses. The parasympathetic nervous system directs homeostasis and the body's
Which of the following is TRUE of the stages of childbirth?
For the pregnant mother all stages of birth probably feel interminable! However, it is the final stage that is shortest. However, we are talking of vaginal births. Where the vaginal tract is too narrow for the baby to pass down, or there are other co
Newspaper publishers earn their profits primarily from advertising revenue, and potential advertisers are more likely to advertise in newspapers with a wide circulation a large number of...
Advertisers generally switch from the most widely circulated newspaper to another one only when the other one becomes the most widely circulated newspaper instead. Advertising rates charged by the most profitable newspaper in the city are significant