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In a cognitive development game called “Complete the Story”, players are requested to come up with a single word per person in order to fill the missing parts between “Once upon a time, there was...”, and “...then they lived happily ever after”. The point of the exercise is to understand that regardless of how juicy and dramatic the nouns and verbs might be, the story would never make sense without those apparently meaningless words that connects them: the prepositions.

That is why we have dedicated special quizzes on prepositions that will help you further understand their importance. “Where does the word preposition come from?”, “What properties are characteristic to most ad positional systems?”, “In what kind of classification do prepositions fall into?” Regard these questions as a demonstration of will and continue answering!

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  • When we get ready for dinner, I have to take my books__________ the table.

  • Every weekend, we put the trash can ________________ for garbage collection.

  • You have to leave your shoes ______________the door when you enter the house.

  • He lives _____ New York City.

  • She placed the keys ____ the table.

  • They let him go _____ the concert with his friends.

  • 1.       My best friend, John, is named _____ his great-grandfather.
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  • 1.       My parents have been married _____ twenty years.
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  • 1.       He usually travels to Alexandria _____ train.
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  • The name of the baby in the crib is Jack.
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  • By the next meeting of the class need to turn in the papers.
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  • The directions to the exercise on page 20 unclear.
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