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  • What did the boy do when the conductor asked if he was coming to the North Pole?
    What did the boy do when the conductor asked if he was coming to the North Pole?
    Which boy was it? The boy never took his hand.

  • How long do polar bear cubs stay with their mother after they are born?
    How long do polar bear cubs stay with their mother after they are born?
    Polar bear cubs stay with their mothers and are nursed for up to 30 months. However, most cubs are weaned and out on there own at about 2 years of age. During pregnancy, female polar bears begin by depositing fat in preparation for cubbing. In order to have a successful pregnancy, they need to gain at least 200 Kg (441 lbs). They then seek out a den to give birth in. The dens protect the newborns from predators and the harsh environment outside of the den. Most cub litters are 2 cubs followed by a single cub being born. Litters of 3 and 4 are very rare. At birth, polar bear cubs are very small and weigh between 454 and 680 grams (16-24 oz). They are born with their eyes closed and only have a fine, thin hair on their bodies, which makes them seem hairless at birth.

  • Which places does the polar bear inhabit?
    Which places does the polar bear inhabit?
    The polar bear is white in color and is probably the bear that is the easiest to identify due to its color. Even though these animals may look cute, they are ferocious and deadly. They are carnivorous and like any bear, they will attack humans if they are hungry or feel threatened. Most of the polar bears can only be seen in zoos because they only live in or near the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle includes the small Arctic Ocean but it also includes some of the land in the countries of Canada, Russia and Greenland. A few smaller areas are located on a few other places like Alaska, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Obviously, these are the very northernmost parts of these places.

  • How old is a cub when they ready to leave the den?
    How old is a cub when they ready to leave the den?
    New studies have actually shown that there were far more types of dinosaurs than we could have ever imagined. In total t Mesozoic era, there was an estimated 1543-2468 different species of dinosaurs. If you break these species down into much larger broader groups of dinosaurs, then get three major groups. These three groups include Theropods, Sauropods, and Ornithischians. The TheroAmypods were the more carnivorous dinosaurs, Sauropods were the long necked mostly herbivore dinosaurs and the Ornithischians were the bird like dinosaurs. Scientists have said that still these numbers are just educated guesses and that honestly there may have been a lot more species of dinosaurs than they even know about. One thing that leads them to this belief is the fact that there are over 10,000 types of birds alive today all with origins that can be traced back to dinosaurs.

  • As the boy lay in his bed, what did he hear?
    As the boy lay in his bed, what did he hear?
    Hissing steam and squeaking metal

  • Why are polar bears white?
    Why are polar bears white?
    The white camouflage on polar bears helps them in camouflage, which is necessary for hunting. Polar bear hair looks white because the air spaces in the hairs scatter light of all colors. When something reflects all of the visible wavelengths of light, we see the color white. Their long outer hairs, which protect their soft, thick undercoat, are mostly hollow and transparent. The thinner hairs of their undercoat are also colorless. Some scientists believe the polar bear was once a close relative to the brown bear. They think that, over time, polar bears moved to the Arctic, where they adapted to their surroundings by developing fur that would help them blend in with the harsh, white Arctic ice.

  • How many years will polar bears become extinct in if climate trends tend to continue?
    How many years will polar bears become extinct in if climate trends tend to continue?
    100 One-Hundred

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