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  • If an IRM number can not be located on the device, you should _________.

  • If three weeks have passed since your work order was placed, you should __________.

  • Where can the serial number for a device be located?

  • Patients, fmailies and caregivers will sometimes test our professional boundaries.

  • Patients, families and caregivers want to know that they can trust the hospice team.

  • At times it is important to ask ourselves as professionals, "what is my motivation for doing this?" in order to keep ourselves in check.

  • Youve recently started implementing a small Permaculture design in a dry arid climate. You have a small budget and want to get an appropriate example of Permaculture ideas up and running quickly, do you . . .

  • Swales are always part of a good Permaculture design because water is always an essential element.

  • Youre working on a project in a sub tropical climate in an area with serious erosion issues. To fix the problem, do you plant . . .