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Paris Hilton has many nicknames including “princess” and “star” but did you know that this socialite has three younger siblings? Were you aware that she is only recently earned her GED after dropping out of school early on?

While you might know that she is the heir-apparent for the Hilton hotel dynasty, what you might not know is that she has undergone serious plastic surgery, hair coloring, and tinted contacts so that she would appear more physically appealing to the public eye prior to her television shows and music endeavors. If you think you know how many parties she threw for her 21st birthday, test your luck and knowledge with all of our Paris Hilton quizzes! See how much you really know!

Paris Hilton is an American socialite, television personality, model, actress, singer, DJ and author. She mostly know by her public appearances and reality show

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    What business Paris family has?

Take this short and crisp quiz on Paris Hilton

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    What celebrity had their cell phone contact list hacked in 2005?

How much do you know about Paris Hilton?

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    Where did Paris Hilton open her first night club?

Calling all Paris Hilton fans for the ultimate quiz challenge

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    In what year was Paris Hilton able to trademark the phrase "That's Hot"?

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