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  • What is the difference between Arabs and Pakistanis?
    What is the difference between Arabs and Pakistanis?
    In the Middle East, there are different groups of people who live there. These people can be categorized based on their religions and lineage. There are many groups of people who fall into one or more categories because they may be from a certain area of the Middle East. Each country has its own citizens, and the citizens are named after that country. For instance, those people who live in Pakistan are known as Pakistanis. The people who live in Saudi Arabia are Arabs. However, the term “Arabs” is also used to describe the ethnicity of a larger group of people who do not live in or come from Saudi Arabia. They could come from anywhere, but they have the ethnicity of being an Arab. Pakistanis must come from Pakistan.

  • Ideology is a set of ------
    Ideology is a set of ------
    Beliefs Principles

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