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Around Africa's most Northern frontier, lies the Kingdom of Morocco. So how about finding out some of the following: What is the national currency of the Kingdom of Morocco? What is the name of Morocco's indigenous people? When did the Arabs come to Morocco? Which European country colonized Morocco? What are two staple dishes in Moroccans' diets?

Which territory under Morocco is disputed? When did France and Spain divide Morocco into their zones of influence? What is tajine? Which famous film has the name of a city of Morocco? Which is the official language of Morocco? What desert lies to the east of Morocco? We're positive these quizzes will fill in some of the gaps left over after watching Casablanca!

Welcome to the GM Meeting 2012 in Morocco!  Please try the following quiz game about the GSMS GHEOR group, and when you are finished, be sure to show your certificate to one of the booth staff so that they can enter your...

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    GHEOR is developing clinical trial tools that will measure the benefit of our drugs in which of the following indications:

Test your knowledge of the week's events with this quick quiz.

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    By how much did first-time buyer numbers increase in May?

Morocco Questions & Answers

What places in Morocco are worth visting?
Morocco is a great place to visit. There are some places that are better to go to than others though. My favorite city in Morocco is Marrakesh, hands down. It is a glorious place and is a former imperial city so there's a lot of history there. It is
Is cannabis consumption legal in Morocco?
Cannabis consumption is actually the leader of the world when it comes to exporting sticky cannabis. But, it is not legal to grow it there or even to consume it there. When Morocco gained its independence way back in 1956, it was declared illegal. Th
Why did Morocco ban burqa even though it is a Muslim country?
In an unprecedented move, Moroccan authorities took a very drastic measure when they banned the wearing, manufacturing, marketing and even the sale of the burqa. The burqa is what most Muslim women wear in order to cover themselves in public and it c
Why is Morocco not a part of the African Union?
Morocco is not a part of the African Union because they have always liked to stay to themselves. Actually, they left the union of Arabs in 1984 and stayed out for around 33 years. Then, they were readmitted and so all African nations are actually par