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  • What places in Morocco are worth visting?
    What places in Morocco are worth visting?
    Morocco is a great place to visit. There are some places that are better to go to than others though. My favorite city in Morocco is Marrakesh, hands down. It is a glorious place and is a former imperial city so there's a lot of history there. It is located in western Morocco. Another great place to go is Casablanca, Just like the movie, it is very romantic. You'll see a lot of awesome buildings there and the shopping is wonderful. The third best city to go to is Fes in the north which is basically the capital. You'll find amazing mosques and other attractions and ancient buildings too. Morocco is a fascination place. Most anywhere you could go there would be wonderful.

  • Is cannabis consumption legal in Morocco?
    Is cannabis consumption legal in Morocco?
    Cannabis consumption is actually the leader of the world when it comes to exporting sticky cannabis. But, it is not legal to grow it there or even to consume it there. When Morocco gained its independence way back in 1956, it was declared illegal. Then, it was reaffirmed to be illegal again in 1974 when there was a big move for a total ban on drugs of all kinds. Consumption of cannabis is, however, partially tolerated in parts of the country these days. It is a top supplier and also is one of the world's main producers of hashish, a form of cannabis. Still, possessing, smoking, and producing it along with the sales of it are illegal and probably will be for some time to come because they do not want the reputation of being a major part of it.

  • Why did Morocco ban burqa even though it is a Muslim country?
    Why did Morocco ban burqa even though it is a Muslim country?
    In an unprecedented move, Moroccan authorities took a very drastic measure when they banned the wearing, manufacturing, marketing and even the sale of the burqa. The burqa is what most Muslim women wear in order to cover themselves in public and it covers all but a tiny slit of the eyes and even that is shielded. In the country that is almost all Muslim, the measure was unheard of but it is supposed to be for the reason of safety, to avoid people being able to hide behind it and commit theft or terroristic acts. There is surely another hidden measure. Several have used to cover up to commit crimes so it does make sense but it is highly believed there is more to the story that is being divulged. Still, the law remains in effect.

  • Why is Morocco not a part of the African Union?
    Why is Morocco not a part of the African Union?
    Morocco is not a part of the African Union because they have always liked to stay to themselves. Actually, they left the union of Arabs in 1984 and stayed out for around 33 years. Then, they were readmitted and so all African nations are actually part of the Arab Union. It wasn't really a smooth effort though and they weren't all for it but they are in it now and that is how it is. They are more independent than some in Africa and don't fall for just anything so expect for them to stand their ground. Still, they are part of the Union informality at least for now..

  • Why did the British never try to invade Morocco?
    Why did the British never try to invade Morocco?
    The British never tried to invade Morocco because the plot Germany had to instigate aggression in Morocco in order to place a wedge between Britain and France and it actually had the opposite effect. It all happened when Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany went to Tangiers to give his support for the Morocco sultan which made France and Britain angry. It was called the First Moroccan Crisis, a foreshadowing and was significant because it was a foreshadowing of sorts to the conflict to come between Europe’s major nations in what would eventually be the First World War. But Britain and France saw the manipulation and bonded together, for that time at least.

  • How long has Morocco been independent?
    How long has Morocco been independent?
    Morocco has been independent since they gained the status of being so in 1956. Initially, in 1912, there was a Moroccan Crisis and the Agadir Crisis which led to the Treaty of Fez being signed. That divided Morocco into two different places, the French and Spanish protectorates. Then, in 1956, following 44 years of being ruled over by the French, Morocco was able to regain their complete independence from the nation of France. Not long after that, they regained the majority of their other territories too that had been under Spanish control all that time.

  • How did Morocco avoid the influence of the Arab Spring?
    How did Morocco avoid the influence of the Arab Spring?
    The way Morocco avoided the influence of the Arabs by being independent. Firstly, they stayed out of the Arab Union for 33 years. They have always been independent and have had corruption in the government too so they basically have protection. They are not easily led to do anything, like take on the viewpoints of the Arabs. This is a very commendable characteristics of the country that has gotten them by for a long time. They simply will not succumb to the wishes of others and completely stand their ground. More countries should do so. They are now an independent nation due to this type of stance.

  • How corrupt is the Moroccan political system?
    How corrupt is the Moroccan political system?
    The Moroccan political system is corrupt indeed. Bribery, extortion, and strong-arming are among the many evils in the country. There are many occurrences of petty corruption and of grand corruption too. These happen in both the public and private sectors of the country. Morocco has been a land where there has been a world of problems politically like social-political challenges that the area is currently facing. It has become more mainstream now under King Mohammed VI. The powers that be, even the Royal family has been using public institutions to do evil such as to coerce and solicit bribes which is certainly disgraceful but it doesn't seem to phase those who are in the wrong. They are quite greedy.

  • Is Morocco a developed country?
    Is Morocco a developed country?
    Morocco is a developed country now and is actually blooming financially and in other areas as well. The government there has been pursuing privatization and even economic reform way back since the 1980s. As a direct result of that, the country has a diverse, open market economy, where the citizens are protesting against some heavy corruption and want democracy. But the country is enjoying some economical advancements and is a developed country which is continuing to develop every day. They seem to not be content to stay behind and are ready to take strides forward in many areas.

  • Which is the best beach in Morocco?
    Which is the best beach in Morocco?
    The best beach in Morocco is Legzira. It is iconic indeed which makes it one of the most beloved beaches in the entire world. It has amazing rock formations on the beach and much natural beauty including sandstone and other attractions. It has cliffs that jet out and make it simply breathtaking. One of the cliffs collapsed some years ago but it is still a sight to behold. You'll love the sunset on the beach and the sunrise too if you get up early enough to se it. The rock formations are unique and almost strange in nature and they serve to remind us of our small space in time. Legzira is not to be missed.There seems to always be wind on the beach but surfers really enjoy that. It's the best beach ever.

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