Mauritius Quizzes & Trivia

Beyond the Eastern coasts of Madagascar, lies the paradise retreat of the Republic of Mauritius. So without any more delay, let's get a little taste of heaven through the following: where is Mauritius located? What is the capital of Mauritius? In which ocean is situated Mauritius? What is the official language of this country? Who founded the city of Port-Louis?

When did Mauritius became independent? When did the French occupy Mauritius? When was slavery abolished in Mauritius? Who was Mauritius president in 2007? What is the animal emblem of Mauritius? Can you name the national currency of the Republic of Mauritius? What mountain serves as the highest point in Mauritius? Ah, a heavenly retreat indeed. More to follow right here!

Choose the name corresponding to the image. Good luck, have fun...

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  • Sample Question
    In which Ocean does Mauritius lie in?