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Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe but don't let its size fool you. Luxembourg is also one of the richest countries on the European continent and it has played a very important role historically because of its strategic position.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get on with the Luxembourg quiz but first you should have a quick look at some of the sample questions we’ve got here: What are the three official languages of Luxembourg? What are the names of the two principal regions of Luxembourg? What is the capital of Luxembourg? What is the official name of Luxembourg? If these are too easy for you then wait no longer and answer all our Luxembourg quizzes. You will know almost everything about Luxembourg after you finish with these quizzes. 

Test your knowledge on Helen, Olly and Martin's trip to Luxembourg. If you need the video for reference, here is the link: may want to watch it again first, as you only...

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    Why did the team choose Luxembourg to be the country they tried to crack?

Luxembourg Questions & Answers

Which companies have their headquarters in Luxembourg?
Usually, the headquarters of major companies are located either in countries where they originated or prosperous countries that would cause the company to grow. In Luxembourg, the same can be said for both reasons. There are some companies that moved
Why does Luxembour keep such a low tax rate?
Many people go to Luxembourg to live because this country has such a low tax rate. This tax rate has been going on for many years. Many companies and individuals have bank accounts in Luxembourg and purchase things from this country due to this low t
Why do companies have their headquarters in Luxembourg?
There are several companies that are headquartered in Luxembourg. Based on the names of the companies, many of them probably originated in Luxembourg. This means that they started in Luxembourg. The owners of these companies started their businesses
What is the Silver Decade of Luxembourg?
The silver decade of Luxembourg is a time when the country went from rags to riches. Luxembourg wasn’t always wealthy. Like most countries, they begin poor. Usually, they have just attained their independence after a war. Wars cost money, so th