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  • Which companies have their headquarters in Luxembourg?
    Which companies have their headquarters in Luxembourg?
    Usually, the headquarters of major companies are located either in countries where they originated or prosperous countries that would cause the company to grow. In Luxembourg, the same can be said for both reasons. There are some companies that moved their headquarters to Luxembourg and there are companies that originated in Luxembourg and want to stay there. Some of these companies include Streamworks International, RTL Group, Utopia Group, Lionair, Luxair, Melusine, ORCO and KBL European Private Bankers, to name a few. There are a large number of different types of companies that are headquartered in Luxembourg. Some of these categories include companies that deal with consumer services, financials, telecommunications, publishing companies, health care and utilities. Most of these companies are into banking.

  • Why does Luxembour keep such a low tax rate?
    Why does Luxembour keep such a low tax rate?
    Many people go to Luxembourg to live because this country has such a low tax rate. This tax rate has been going on for many years. Many companies and individuals have bank accounts in Luxembourg and purchase things from this country due to this low tax rate. Due to their banking and financial services that they provide, they can have such a low tax rate. Their economy has allowed them to do this. Many foreign companies and people who want to evade their own taxes often find a way to benefit from this low tax rate that this country has. Money that is sent into and out of the country do not have to pay a lot of taxes on this money.

  • Why do companies have their headquarters in Luxembourg?
    Why do companies have their headquarters in Luxembourg?
    There are several companies that are headquartered in Luxembourg. Based on the names of the companies, many of them probably originated in Luxembourg. This means that they started in Luxembourg. The owners of these companies started their businesses in their own garages or apartments. Then when their business expanded, they had to put the headquarters somewhere and they kept it in an office building close by. However, there are a few companies that moved to Luxembourg and put their headquarters there. It seems that this was done because Luxembourg is a prosperous country and it has a lot of banking institutions. Usually, companies that move their headquarters to another country do that to make their company more profitable and it would be in a prosperous country.

  • What is the Silver Decade of Luxembourg?
    What is the Silver Decade of Luxembourg?
    The silver decade of Luxembourg is a time when the country went from rags to riches. Luxembourg wasn’t always wealthy. Like most countries, they begin poor. Usually, they have just attained their independence after a war. Wars cost money, so they had to spend a lot of money to get their freedom. Then they start to set up their economy. It usually takes a lot of time to get the economy stable and growing. Once it grows, then the country can become rich. Luxembourg became rich due to the steel industry with one company in particular. It is ArcelorMittal, but the steel industry has been around in Luxembourg long before this company was founded. Then Luxembourg began establishing banks and other financial institutions which grew their wealth.

  • How is Luxembourg so rich?
    How is Luxembourg so rich?
    Many countries seem to have been born rich. This means that the country gained its independence or was settled there and their economy was strong from the very beginning. Often, the way this happens is because the country has some kind of valuable item that is either mined, grown or a service that they provide. Luxembourg seems to be rich because they have thought of ways in which their economy is structured. It provides a lot of banking and financial services. Any time a country can create banks and loan money, it will most likely be a rich country. A lot of people try to evade paying taxes in their own country. The way they do this is by putting their money in another bank account in another country.

  • Is Luxembourg's location responsible for its prosperity?
    Is Luxembourg's location responsible for its prosperity?
    When you think of luxury, you think of Luxembourg. Even this country’s GDP ranks at 94th in the world as its total in 2019, its per capita ranking compared to the rest of the world is 2nd place. Luxembourg does seem to have a lot of prosperity. Its location does seem to play a role in its prosperity. Usually, your biggest trading partners are the countries that neighbor you. If those countries are rather prosperous, then your country stands a good chance of being prosperous. The same can be said about Luxembourg. Its neighbors include Belgium, Germany and France among others. Usually, the reason these countries prosper is because they have a good climate and can produce crops well or their location allows them to trade easily being so close to a waterway.

  • How is daily life in Luxembourg?
    How is daily life in Luxembourg?
    Even though many people overlook Luxembourg as a great country to visit and live in due to its neighbors being more famous, they do have a great economy and culture. This makes it a great place to live. It still has its traditions and has many museums including the National Museum of History and Art among others. Due to their stable economy, coupled with their low inflation and high technology, working in Luxembourg might prove to be successful for many people who want to make a change and move somewhere else. Therefore, the daily life in Luxembourg would be quite nice due to the ease of working a job, living in a nice climate and living in a cultural area that has many things to do.

  • Can Luxembourg's economic models be applied in other countries?
    Can Luxembourg's economic models be applied in other countries?
    The Luxembourg model for their economy probably can’t be fitted to other countries especially those that are not similar in their types of economy. Luxembourg’s economy is based on their location, climate, popularity, and service industries. Therefore, other countries couldn’t have the same economy and prosper from it because they do not have the same similarities as Luxembourg. However, the countries that do have these same things could use Luxembourg’s economic model and prosper the same way as this country. There are just so few countries that do have the same climate, popularity and use the service industry. Therefore, it probably should be a surrounding country, but their economic models may be proven successful so they would not need to change to a different model if theirs already works.

  • How is Swtizerland richer than Luxembourg?
    How is Swtizerland richer than Luxembourg?
    The main way that a country gets richer than another rich country has to do mainly with one thing. This thing is its name value. Switzerland is more widely recognized than Luxembourg. You rarely hear people say “I want to go skiing in Luxembourg.” Usually, when someone thinks of a skiing resort overseas, they think of Switzerland or some other popular countries. This makes Switzerland richer than Luxembourg. From time to time, someone will travel mainly to a popular country to vacation in like Switzerland, but they will travel for one day to Luxembourg to tour and do activities. Therefore, the popularity of a country is the most important thing when comparing their economies to each other. It would be like comparing apples to oranges.

  • Are there direct flights to Luxembourg?
    Are there direct flights to Luxembourg?
    There are always direct flights to any place. It just depends on where the people are coming from and which city they are flying into Luxembourg. There are a number of major cities that fly directly to Luxembourg. These include Milan, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; London, England; Warsaw, Poland; Lisbon, Portugal, and Dublin, Ireland. However, for the most part, there are probably flights that fly directly to Luxembourg from these cities. Many cities have flights into this country because there are a large number of flights to each country every day. If you want a direct flight to Luxembourg, you will need to figure out which city you want to fly into. The capital city is a good start.

  • Is Luxembourg politically influential?
    Is Luxembourg politically influential?
    Luxembourg is known for being extremely open. They accept everyone. Based on their half million population, only sixty percent are natives. The rest are immigrants who find that this country accepts them and they find it easy to live there. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that anything could influence them. Whenever you listen to the news, you may hear various stories about politics. Very rarely do you hear political news stories including Luxembourg. Therefore, I do not believe that Luxembourg is politically influenced. I believe that they can’t be bought because they are considered to be a wealthy country. They also aren’t in the news as much and they aren’t pressured to do certain political actions by other leaders.

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