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Rapper, bodybuilder, actor, and most importantly, a wrestler, John Cena already has many impressive titles under his belt! He has been the WWE World Heavyweight Champion many times and has been wrestling since 1999 but didn’t sign to the World Wrestling Foundation until 2001. Do you know all there is to know about this famous wrestler?

Often referred to as John “The Prototype” Cena, do you know what college that he went to? How about the sport that he played in college? Hint - It’s not wrestling! What was the name of his first album? What famous submission finisher does he often use to finish off all of his opponents? Think you have what it takes to knockout our John Cena quizzes? Let’s get ready to rumble! 

This quiz has been created to check whether you are a die-hard fan of John Cena and Rey Mysterio. It will ask you questions like what was John Cena's first name when he started? will also ask you questions about...

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    What was John Cenas first name when he started?

try to answer the questions. seeif you stuff about John Cena!!! (Kind of hard questions) but you'll get it!!!

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    Who John Cena v.s. the at Wrestlemania 27?

You think you know cena take this awseome challenging quiz and see how do you know him. are you gonna take it ?

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    In what year did john cena make his debut ?

Take this online quiz and see how well you know John (beautiful) Cena!

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    What is John Cena's full name?

This is a test all about the sexiest man alive today  JOHN CENA  

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    1.when is John Cena's birthday?

John Cena Questions & Answers

What is John Cena's full name?
The correct answer is C. Born in 1977 as John Felix Anthony Cena Jr, John Cena is a WWE superstar. Starting his professional wrestling career in 1999, he made his WWE debut in a 2002 match against Kurt Angle. Though he lost this match, Cena has done
What does rey mysterio wear?
I though that john cena was only friend but what he did to me was worng he lie to me because i was there on monday night he always be a asshole he ever comes over to my house he just a rude man because i my favorite wwe superstar but he not my friend
What was John Cenas first name when he started?
John cena is the best rey mysterio isthe best too