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This is the country where a vas number of music genres are present. Jamaica, though a small country, has influenced worldwide culture to a vast extent mostly due t the global diaspora it has.

There are almost as many people living outside of Jamaica as there are living inside it. Jamaica is such a fascinating country and yet we feel we do not yet know enough about it and we have so many questions. Can you help us?

What was the name of the Jamaican city in which Bob Marley was born? What was the name of the Ethiopian emperor which Rastafarian people consider to be Christ? What is the type of haircut mostly associated with Rastafarianism? Help us in finding out more about Jamaica.

It’s an unfortunate truth that, pressed to list off all they know about the beautiful country of Jamaica, most people out there wouldn’t be able to think of anything past the distinct accent. In reality, this is a...

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    Which is the longest river in Jamaica?

The Jamaica quiz is designed to assess a basic understanding of the history, geography, and important aspects of the island country. The quiz is intended for visitors becoming acquainted with the island before arrival and persons...

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    Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean measuring 4,411 square miles. The island is slightly smaller than what state in the U.S.?

Riddims and reggae are one of the best things that we got from Jamaica. This country has a unique language that if you are never had it before you will be left amazed and in shock. Below is a Jamaican to English phrases test that...

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    Wah Gwaan?

Two carribean islands 100 miles apart. One most think of as a vacation destination, the other most pity and some even fear - but can you tell the difference? Look at each of these photos and mark which country you think it was...

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This is to test if you were listening 

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    What is the capital of jamaicaa. scar town b.kingston c.lala land

Jamaica Questions & Answers

Which parish has no rivers in its interior?
1. 5.St. AnnIt is worth noting that, because St. Ann is mainly of limestone formation, it has no rivers in its interior. When swollen by exceptional rainfall the underground reservoirs sometimes rise to the surface as lakes as does the Moneague Lake
Which popular Jamaican radio personality has the following signoff: "Father Time, Mother Earth willing, we do it together again."?
The answer to this question is A. There are a lot of people who are familiar with Elise Kelly especially those who regularly listen to her on the radio. Some people call her the Irie FM Queen and people cannot help but agree. She has loved the media
The Prime Minister of Jamaica is a man
The current prime minister is Andrew Holiness and he is a male so the answer should be true