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“Into the Wild” is an amazing journey of self discovery which has been based on a wonderfully penned novel of the same name. Can you name the author? It tells the story of Chris (played by Emile Hirsch) who cashes in his law school fund and heads into the wild, first driving due west, then north and then into the Alaskan wilderness.

Do you like the actor Sean Penn? Find out what he had to do with this movie? Who is the lead actor? And why are there still travelling hillbillies in the movie? You can find out all this by taking our short quizzes. Also, try to find out why our 20-something college graduate is so pissed off with life. Name the other great characters that come along our young protagonist’s wayward path. Find out all you need to know by taking our quizzes.

The quiz will be over specific content and character summaries from the work titled Into the Wild. Once the quiz is given I will have a better understanding of what my students have ascertained from the novel, and I will be...

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  • Sample Question
    Christopher McCandless is

This is a quiz about Into the Wild. Some questions will be easy, some hard, but have fun!! Hope you get a good score.

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  • Sample Question
    Who is Graypaw's mentor?

Below is a trivia Quiz on Into the Wild book. In the book, we got to meet Christopher McCandless, who gave up all his belongings and set out across America trying to learn what it has to offer. His journey is not smooth, but it...

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  • Sample Question
    McCandless ditches his car that was trapped in a flash flood.  Then what was the thing that he carried with himself? 

Have you had the time to read into the wild book by Jon Krakauer? The book is ideal for someone who wants to polish their English vocabulary, grammatical skills. If you have indeed read the book, this quiz is based on chapters...

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    Who confirms the identity and relays the tragic news of Chris's death to Walt and Billy?

Did you understand the chapters you just read?  Take the quiz to discover how much you know!

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  • Sample Question
    Ron Franz reaches out to the magazine, Outside, with a written letter.  Why?

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