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  • What food should I stack up on before a hurricane hits?
    What food should I stack up on before a hurricane hits?
    The best food items to buy in preparation for a hurricane are those that are relatively non-perishable. Anything requiring refrigeration is not beneficial because there's a chance of the power being knocked out. Typically, South Louisianans will take turns preparing meals for the neighbors as to prevent the food from spoiling in a powerless deep freezer. With that said, buy rice, bread, water, cans of tuna or other meat that doesn't require refrigeration. Instant noodles and instant coffee are also advisable. If you have children, snacks like chips, Little Debbies, and cookies are useful. Finally, before the storm hits, purchase dry ice and stick it in your freezer. This will help keep things cold a bit longer which will lead to less waste.

  • Is there any way to prevent hurricanes?
    Is there any way to prevent hurricanes?
    The bottom line to preventing hurricanes is to prevent warm water. Sea surfaces are currently too warm, which is the number one factor in hurricanes. The easiest proven way to prevent a hurricanes would be to control warm water/ climate change by decreasing greenhouse gasses, but it may be too late.   However, scientists are working on two other methods. The first involves big, cold, bubbles. Scientists believe that they could cool the warm ocean’s surface temperature by blowing cool bubbles that would rise to the surface, and therefore cool it down. Bubbles would be emitted by large pipes under the water’s surface, approximately 100- 150 meters below. The second method is to create a ‘sunglasses’ effect on the Earth’s surface. Sulfates would be pumped into the air and act as sunglasses, blocking much of the sun’s light, and therefore cooling down the oceans. The downside is, too much sulfate would damage the Earth’s ozone; the layer protecting it from the sun for people to live.

  • What is meant by Hurricane?
    What is meant by Hurricane?
    A hurricane is known to be a strong storm that comes with a type of wind that is very strong. Some people may think that this is just a type of storm but this is actually very strong. The hurricanes also come in different levels. There are some that are so strong that people are expected to evacuate immediately so that they will not be under the direct wrath of the storm. The hurricanes usually start in areas wherein the water is warm. The more water vapor available, the stronger it may be. There are some hurricanes that become stronger as they go towards a certain direction. Usually, they go towards the direction wherein there is more water vapor.

  • Why do hurricanes move west?
    Why do hurricanes move west?
    This may be because a lot of storms start at tropical latitudes because this is where the ocean is. They will then move towards where the wind will take them which is usually the western side. This makes certain areas more prone to getting storms as compared to others. The storm has the tendency to go towards the place where the warm air is. In the process, the low-pressure area may become stronger and become a full-blown typhoon. At times, the low-pressure area will slowly go away and no typhoon will form. It will depend on the wind and the temperature of the path that the typhoon is traversing.

  • Why do hurricanes occur?
    Why do hurricanes occur?
    Water vapor is one of the main reasons why hurricanes form. It will produce a certain amount of heat that will then condense in order to form clouds. It will cause rain and this will make the air around the area warmer than usual. The more that this happens, the bigger the hurricane that will form. There are some countries in the world that are more prone to getting hurricanes. The strength of hurricanes is also different from each other. There are some that are mild but there are also others that can be very devastating for those who will be affected. Hurricanes can cause houses to crash and flood usually destroys a lot of items at home and other affected establishments.

  • What is the worst hurricane related disaster of all time?
    What is the worst hurricane related disaster of all time?
    Hurricane Patricia is known to be the strongest hurricane to be recorded with maximum sustained winds of 200 mph per hour. This was thought to be a typical tropical storm but once it arrived, it started to become stronger. It was truly devastating to those who were affected by it. A lot of people lost their homes. Some people were not able to recover. There were also some people who lost their lives because they were completely unprepared for this hurricane. It is always important for people to become prepared for everything. When people are more aware of the things that may occur, dangers are avoided. The massive hurricane is said to be heightened because of a climate phenomenon called El Nino.

  • What can be done to reduce the effects of a hurricane?
    What can be done to reduce the effects of a hurricane?
    To reduce hurricane damage, it will help if people would secure the parts of their home which they feel are the most vulnerable against the strong winds and rain. If the critical areas of the home are secure, then the damages that the house will sustain may not be so bad. There are also some establishments that will be affected by hurricanes but as long as they maintain the establishment, then the damages will not be too bad. The objects that are found on the outside should also be secured so that they will not be damaged when the winds become too strong. Take note that if the hurricane becomes too strong, people will be asked to evacuate.

  • What is a hurricane?
    What is a hurricane?
    A hurricane is also known as a tropical cyclone. This is considered to be bigger than a storm. It can affect a rather large area when it hits different places. The reason why this is considered to be more dangerous than a storm is because it is strong.   The maximum sustained winds can be enough to knock-out various homes in the areas that it hits because of the very strong winds. Hurricanes are considered to be violent. It is one of the reasons why some houses, especially those in hurricane-prone areas, would have basements. This will ensure that people can be protected while the hurricanes are taking place. People can stay inside the basement for a certain period of time.

  • Where do hurricanes occur in the world?
    Where do hurricanes occur in the world?
    There are a lot of people who wish that hurricanes will stop happening. They can be very devastating. It can make a lot of people lose their homes. A lot of people become uncomfortable during hurricanes especially when they are forced to evacuate their homes. There are moments when the flash floods are so bad that they can go up to 9 feet or more. Sometimes, fish are already swimming along with the flood. Hurricanes happen because the ocean becomes warm during summer. Since the earth is becoming warmer as a whole, it is expected that there will be more typhoons in the long run. The strength of hurricanes will differ from one hurricane to another.

  • Are human beings responsible for hurricanes?
    Are human beings responsible for hurricanes?
    In a way, human beings are responsible for the hurricanes that are being experienced. It is true that hurricanes are considered to be natural disasters but the oceans are becoming warmer because of the various things that people have done to the world. In the past, the typhoons and hurricanes were already devastating. The reason why a lot of people die from the hurricanes is they were not aware of the things that they should protect themselves. Right now, people know what they should do and yet, they choose to ignore all the signs. They become stubborn and they refuse to make changes. This is why people are responsible for hurricanes.

  • Is there any positive effect of a hurricane?
    Is there any positive effect of a hurricane?
    The main benefit of hurricanes is that the ecosystem is cleared and the wastes are flushed out. Another benefit that a hurricane can provide is that it can provide enough water so that people will not experience drought immediately when it occurs. The trees that are already established will have more space available in order to grow. The weaker ones will die but there may be new stronger trees that will take their place. The stronger the trees are, the bigger the possible defenses available against hurricanes and other possible natural disasters. There are also some harmful organisms that may perish during the hurricane that is not needed in the ecosystem.

  • Are hurricanes and cyclones the same thing?
    Are hurricanes and cyclones the same thing?
    There are some people who are confused with using hurricane and cyclones because they are not sure if these two things mean the same thing. They do mean strong storms but the difference is the location where the violent storms have first started. The hurricane is a type of storm that forms in the Atlantic area, the Caribbean, and some parts of the Pacific ocean. The cyclone, on the other hand, is a type of typhoon that forms specifically in the western part of the Pacific. It is best that you familiarize yourself with this to avoid any confusion in the future. The rotation of these storms and their directions are also different from each other.

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