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Hey, sugar, what’s the buzz about honey? This natural food is sweet, flavorful, and probably better for you than a dollop of corn syrup would be – but how is it that a little honey bee can turn it from a flower’s nectar into the flavorful liquid you pour onto your biscuits at breakfast?

What are the chemical properties that make honey so special, and why isn’t this sweet treat safe for a baby to eat? How can honey be safely collected from those hungry honey bees who produce it, and how does it get from its comb into the cute smiling bear jars on the supermarket shelves?

If you think that knowledge is the sweetest nectar of all, take our quizzes about honey and learn all about this scrumptious superfood!
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How much do you know about honey bees and honey? The whole process starts when the bee sucks nectar from the blossoms and stores it in the honey sack, which when it is full, they transport it to the hive. By taking this amazing...

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     Pollination Agriculture depends greatly on the honeybee for pollination. Honeybees account for _______%__ of all insect pollination. Without such pollination, we would see a significant decrease in the yield of fruits and vegetables.

This test will determine whether or not you have mastered the material in the How We Get Honey and Why We Need Bees Module. 

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    There are many health advantages to be gained from including honey in your diet.

Acquired and manufactured from the nectar of the popular mānuka tree, mānuka honey is an effective monofloral honey sold as an alternative medicine and used for hair and skin.

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    Mānuka honey is produced in...


Honey Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Bees and Flies?
Bees are flying insects related to wasps and ants. They are notorious for making honey, beeswax, and pollination. Flies are insects which use only a single pair of wings to fly, and their hind wings are diminished to halters which assist in-flight st
What is the difference between Sugar and Honey?
Honey and sugar are both substances that contain fructose and glucose. Honey is golden in color, and it comes in liquefied form. Sugar is white and seen in the form of grains, like salt and sand. Both sugar and honey can be substituted in culinary us
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