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Although he has been acting since the 90’s, Hayden Christensen rose to prominence after playing one of the greatest villains of all time in what space-themed movie franchise? Although his role catapulted him into stardom, his performance was lauded, earning him two Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Supporting Actor.
Since then, Hayden has starred in mostly independent films, like American Heist. Do you know what the name of the last TV show he starred in was? Do you know what country Hayden was born in? Since 2008, he has been in a relationship with Rachel Bilson, his co-star in the film Jumper. While Hayden has had his ups and downs, there’s a lot to learn about his life. If you want to test your knowledge, check out our Hayden Christensen quizzes!

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    What year was Hayden Christensen born?

Test your knowledge of all things relating to Hayden Christensen.

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    Who was Hayden Christensen's co-star in "Star Wars: Episode II"?

Think you know all that there is to know about actor Hayden Christensen? Take our quiz and find out if your knowledge of this handsome actor is a force to be reckoned with.

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    Which country is Hayden Christensen from?