Golf Rules Quizzes & Trivia

Just like in any other sports, golf has a standard set of procedures and regulations which guide how the game is to be played. There are also penalties that players face in case they fail to adhere to these rules. These rules are written and administered by the R&A which is the governing body of golf worldwide, with the exception of the US and Mexico which are taken care of by the USGA.

Can you state some golf rules concerning stroke play, match play and clubs? Apart from the rules, there is also a code of conduct called ‘etiquette’ that golfers must observe. If you really like this game, try some of our tough and challenging quizzes on the game to see how well you are conversant with it.

Just like any other game, golf has its rules and is reviewed periodically to ensure effectiveness. The quiz below seeks to test how knowledgeable you are with these rules and their application to the game. All the best.

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    You slice your tee shot and your ball comes to rest in the rough (through the green) near tree roots in an unplayable lie. Which of the following is NOT one of your options when taking an unplayable lie under Rule 28? Accept a penalty stroke and:

There are a total of thirty-five questions: 20 true/false and 15 multiple-choice. The 20 true/false should be done without outside material help. The 15 multiple-choice may be done using outside material help.

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    Through the green is all ground of the competition course including hazards on the hole being played.

Test your knowledge of the basics by identifying whether the following statements are true or false.

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    A player’s ball lies in a hazard when it lies in or any part of it touches the hazard.

Basic Junior Golf rules Test

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    In stroke play, if a player returns a scorecard lower than they actually scored, the player would receive a two stroke penalty. 

A short quiz on the rules of golf.

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    In stroke play, a competitor may give information on the Rules to a fellow competitor.

Golf Rules Questions & Answers

A player hits a ball out of bounds. . .
JohnUnfortunately you are wrong when a ball is hit out of bounds.Stroke and DistanceThe penalty for OB is commonly called “stroke and distance.” This means that a one-stroke penalty is added to the score, and the ball must then be dropped
What is not an available option when taking relief from a Water Hazard (yellow stakes or lines)?
Under penalty of one stroke drop a ball two club lengths from the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard, but not closer to the hole.