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A comprehensive database of more than 40 ghost quizzes online, test your knowledge with ghost quiz questions. Our online ghost trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top ghost quizzes.

People who love spooky things will get a real kick (and maybe a scare or two) out of these trivia quizzes about ghosts. Do you think ghosts are real or just a touch of imagination? Regardless of your beliefs, you’re sure to have some fun taking these quizzes! But try not to get spooked before you finish. 

The Los Angeles pet cemetery in California is where a lot of celebrity pets are buried. Many ghosts are said to sighted here, but none more so than Kabar. Who was Kabar? For over 400 years the wails of this female ghost have haunted New Mexico City. Who’s this ghost? Can you name two famous ghosts The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is supposedly home to? Whose ghost is said to haunt the Versailles Palace in France Good luck answering the questions in these bone-chilling quizzes!

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