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  • A dataset is ready for analysis in Einstein Discovery. What is the first step a consultant should take after the data is loaded?

  • A consultant built an Einstein Analytics dashboard for a shipping company. The dashboard displays data from several data sources. The consultant enabled data sync (replication) to increase the speed of data refreshing from these sources.What is the maximum number of dataflow definitions available in this situation?

  • An Einstein Analytics team reports that when they start their dataflow it runs successfully with no errors or warnings, but one of the fields does not return values when it is queried. What can be the origin of this issue?

  • What would you call a funny person?

  • What would you call a person who likes stealing? 

  • What would you call someone who likes to eat?

  • What kind of a superhero are you?
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  • khajali is a hostler??
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  • Type question here
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  • While using the Appetize tool to emulate the PA App, any changes made within the tool will not affect the account being impersonated
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  • If an agent is reporting they are receiving leads from a zip code they do not service we should not be removing service areas for them.
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  • Broker attribution no longer appears on list cards on, except for the following exceptions:
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