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Expectations Questions and Answers

  • Calls are monitored randomly and graded using our

  • ALWAYS get the customers

  • When you answer the phone you want to be

  • What item(s) should you bring with you to class everyday?
    Expectations question from

  • Which of the following things should you do BEFORE the bell rings?
    Expectations question from

  • Which of the following things should you be doing during the first few minutes of class?
    Expectations question from

  • Which type of assignment is worth the most points toward your grade?
    Expectations question from

  • If you have an A in the class going into the final exam, get 150 out of 200 possible points on the final exam, and finish with an overall percentage of 89.4%, what will be your final grade?
    Expectations question from

  • If you have an excused absence, you are excused from the work done in class that day.
    Expectations question from

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