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Eco Friendly Questions and Answers

  • The March school holidays are coming up and you seriously need a break. Which is the MOST eco-friendly choice of holiday?
    Eco friendly question from

  • If you have decided on going to Langkawi, which is the MOST eco-friendly way of getting there?
    Eco friendly question from

  • Your family decides that flying to Langkawi is the most time-efficient but you know the flight will emit some CO2 into the atmosphere and you want to off-set it. How many trees will you have to plant to absorb the gas?
    Eco friendly question from

  • Do you unplug your phone charger when your phone is charged? 
    Eco friendly question from

  • Do you turn off the tap while you brush your teeth?
    Eco friendly question from

  • Do you turn off the lights when you go out?
    Eco friendly question from

  •              You are at the supermarket doing the weekly grocery shopping. As fresh local produce is limited in supply in land-scarce Singapore, which is the most eco-friendly option of buying fruits and vegetables in terms of the energy used to grow and transport them?

  • You notice that products “made with organic ingredients” are more expensive but your mum is prepared to pay the extra cost because she knows that these products contain :

  • True or False?  Purchasing larger size products can be beneficial to the environment.

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