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Diseases Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Pyelitis and Pyelonephritis?
Pyelonephritis and pyelitis are two inflammatory diseases that affect the kidney. Pyelitis is a state of the kidney where the renal pelvis is caused to experience an inflammatory change in the lining. In contrast, Pyelonephritis is an inflammatory in
ICD-10 PCS procedure codes will replace CPT codes for outpatient procedures effective October 1, 2013.
1. FalsePhysicians offices and outpatient facilities will continue to utilize Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes; they will not be required to use ICD-10-PCS codes.
What are the responsibilities of a desk officer?
Prepare precinct consolidated tour report (pd120-140) on every tour and attach to the desk copy of the roll call.-a. verify arrival and departure of command receptionist by signing personnel schedule and time sheet. b. inspect all areas containing d
What is the difference between Rales and Rhonchi?
There is no big difference between Rales and Rhonchi in that, the two breath diseases produce similar sounds. Rales and Rhonchi are abnormal sounds produced in the lung as a result of infections in the lung. Rales and Rhonchi produce almost similar s