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Zeus and Hera - parents to the gods and demigods. But what's a demigod? Are they gods, or aren't they? Who can say...oh wait, you can! Answer questions about the powerful Hercules and his 12 tasks to become a god, talk about Achilles and his heel. Was he shot, did he heal? Could he be killed? If so how?

Are you the expert on Greek, Roman and other ancient mythology? Perhaps you, yourself are a demigod blessed with the power of agelessness? Who knows? Only you can show what you're made of. Just like Hercules who used physical strength to overcome his obstacles, can you use mental strength to overcome these quizzes, and climb the ranks in order to take a seat on Mount Olympus?

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  • You see an old lady getting getting robbed up by a young man on the street outside you house, while you and your friends are outside playing.  You...

  • You see this awesome item at a store and you want to buy it, but you don't have enough money.  However, you and some friends are going out to the mall and your mom/dad accidentally left their wallet on the counter unattended.  You....

  • You're favourite thing to do is....

  • What is your favorite color?
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  • What is your favorite weapon?
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  • What is your favorite animal
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  • In the Percy Jackson Series, what character would you most be like?
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  • In the Lost Hero  book, who would you be most like?
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  • What do you like most?
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  • Someone asks you out.  You say yes because...

  • You want to make a quick buck.  Whatcha gunna do?

  • Favorite color?